12 Best Tank Tops for Every Woman

Tank tops are literally the “go-to” piece of apparel when you wake up on a sunny weekend. They are soft, comfortable and feel great against the skin, especially when you get the right tank top.

Tank tops are not only comfy, but they are also versatile too. You can wear them at home or as an inner top with a jacket or a fancy coat. They are great for working out, especially when you are outdoor.

How do you pick a cool, comfy tank top from a pool of thousands of brands in the market today?

 I personally scorched the internet and tried out over 3 dozen of tank tops to pick out 12 great tank tops that are not only comfortable but very durable too. 

In this fascinating piece, we are going to go through these tank tops to help you make a good buy. Let’s get started!

1. Bella Ladies’ 5.8 oz Cotton Rib Tank Top

First on our list of the best tank tops for women is the Bella Ladies’ 5.8 oz Cotton Rib Tank Top. This product is pretty comfortable because it is made from 100% cotton. 

Bella Ladies’ tank top has wide straps that won’t itch even when you wear them for a long time, and the baby rib knitting makes it easier for you put them on without struggling with the top.

 You can wear just the tank top as it provides good body coverage. The tank top has a lovely self-binding property that makes it fit with the armholes and the neck.

The design makes it easier for you to wear just the top or wear a jacket or coat over it and still look good. The material holds well, as the top hardly loses shape even after a dozen washes.


  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Wide straps to conceal bra straps
  • Self-fitting and great body coverage


  • You may want to order a size bigger than your exact size, or it would be too tight

2. Rothco Women’s Casual Tank Top

Second, on our list is the casual women’s tank top from Rothco. If you are looking for a robust and comfortable top you can wear without your bras then this tank top should be on your get list. The material used for this top is so sturdy you would have a hard time consciously trying to get a hole in it. It is 100% cotton, so you don’t have to worry about itching when you wear them for a long time. 

The tank offers great coverage and would make a cute top when you are out during the summer. The only problem with the top is the sizing. If you have a long torso, then you would have a hard time trying to get it to cover your body unless you love to show off your stomach.


  • Made from pure cotton
  • Tough, durable material


  • The top is usually smaller, and you would have to order a size larger than your actual size for you to get something roomy

3. A4 Reversible Mesh Tank

For a sporty tank top you can wear to the gym or when you are planning to get sweaty all day long, check out the A4 Reversible Mesh Tank. This tank top is designed to keep you comfortable through the long, sweaty session. 

The mesh tank comes with an odor-resistant and moisture-wicking technology that keeps you clean and fresh for over 24 hours wear-time. The mesh tank also has a stain-release technology that makes it very easy for you to wash out stains from oil, blood, sweat, grass, or even grease.

The mesh tank is cool for DIY jobs where you will need something free to rock while you get dirty in your home shed, garden, or outdoor kitchen.


  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Comes with an odor-resistant and moisture-wicking technology to lock in odor and sweat for prolonged hours
  • Easy to wash feature due to its stain release technology


  • Not a casual tank top

4. Lock and Love Women’s Sleeveless All-Purpose Racerback Tank Top

Lock and Love Tank top is an all-purpose top that fits well with leggings. If you are looking for a top that would cover you up correctly, then you should check out this one.

 The tank top is comfortable, with enough room, especially if you like to wear big tops above tight-fitting leggings or pants. The shirring detail on the racerback is another nice feature that accentuates your neckline from behind and gives you that fresh look from behind.

The fabrics feel good against the skin, and despite its size, you would hardly feel any weight against your body. The material is also stretchable and will be difficult to deform.  You can choose to wear a jacket over the tank top as it is sleeveless with a scoop neckline.


  • Large and comfortable
  • Made from durable material
  • Plenty of color and style options


  • The tank top may look too large if you have a petite body

 5. Rothco Women’s Casual Wild Game Tank Top

Rothco is back on our list again with the Casual Wild Game Tank top designed for petite women. The wild game tank top, just all other Rothco tank tops is made from 100% cotton and feels good against the skin. 

The casual top offers excellent coverage, you don’t have to wear it with a bra, especially when you are indoors. The wild game design on the tank top is beautiful too. The top is very tough and would hardly distort even after several hand washes. 

The only drawback to this top is the size. Big-chested ladies will find the tank top too tight and uncomfortable. Thus, if you wear a medium or small, you wouldn’t have to worry about the size.

The top looks beautiful, especially when it contours your body. The camo design fits well when combined with camo shorts.


  • Made from pure cotton
  • Nice camo design
  • Good body coverage with pretty contours


  • Sizing issues, not a good fit for bigger women

6. Skirt Sports Women’s Wonder Girl Tank Top

Next on our list is the Skirt Sports Women’s Wonder Girl Tank Top made from ultra-thin, breathable mesh fabric. One of the standout points of this bra is the cleavage alley pocket for small items like keys or even small cell phone. You also have a beautiful Racerback design for extra comfort. 

The Skirt Sports Women’s Wonder Girl Tank Top offers better breast coverage with the built-in shelf bra that makes it easier for you to be modest even when you are not wearing your bra.

The makers of this beauty combine mesh fabric and polyester to ensure that the tank top feels great against your skin and quickly gets rid of moisture and body odor. The stylish binding at the armholes and neckline and the shirring at the neckline boosts the functionality of the tank bra. Thus, you can rock the bra to the gym and do not feel uncomfortable even after several hours of a strenuous workout.


  • Made from quality materials for extra comfort
  • Comes with a built-in shelf bra
  • Flattering Racerback design


  • You will need a sports bra if you intend to carry out high-intensity sports activity like running

7. Bella Women’s Sleeveless 2×1 Rib Tank Top 4000

Bella Women is back to our list with a sleeveless rib tank top made from 100% cotton. This adorable tank top is made from durable cotton material that would not tear or have holes easily as it is sturdy and stretchy. 

To prevent the tank from losing its elasticity after a while, Bella Women threw in the classic ribs to make sure the bra doesn’t lose its shape even after years of regular wash. The bra comes in a variety of cool colors for you to make your choice and all of them are the simple tank top you can wear during summer. 

What’s best? You can hand-wash the tank tops and dry them over the lines. The cotton feels good against the skin, and it’s very light.


  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Lightweight and feels good against the skin


  • You need to order a size up if you want the tank top to fit comfortably One of the tank tops that is actually made from 100% cotton

8. Champion 1×1 Ribbed Cotton Women’s Tank Top

Champion Rubbed cotton women’s tank is another brand that sells tank tops with 100% cotton. The material used in this tank top is luxurious and feels crisp and soft on the skin. The tank top has fine quality ribbing that doesn’t lose its elasticity when you wash and iron.

 The tank top shapes well with good breast coverage even when you wear it without a bra. It has the Champion tonal topstitch trims that provide extra reinforcements to places like the armholes, scoop, and neck for long-lasting quality. 

The tank top is very roomy, especially in the armhole areas, to make sure you are comfortable when you wear it for a long time.

The design is very feminine and would flatter your shape.  You can confidently rock it during summer or wear a jacket over it.


  • One of the tank tops that is actually made from 100% cotton
  • Fresh, feminine design for flattering body shape


  • May be too large for petite women

9. Bella + Canvas 4000 Women’s 2×1 Rib Tank

If you are looking for a robust, thick tank top you can use in place of a bra then you should check out the Bella + Canvas 4000 Women’s 2×1 Rib Tank. The 4000 Women’s 2×1 Rib Tank is so thick that it would cover your nipples and all you have to do is wear a coat or jacket over it if you do not like wearing bras. 

Aside from being thick, these tank tops are comfortable and would not make you sweat profusely even when you wear them for a very long time.

The tank top comes in different colors to give you more bedroom options, and the materials are very durable. They would stretch and return to its original shape. You can either hand wash or use a washing machine.


  • Made from thick, durable material
  • Quality binding at the neck and armhole


  • The tank top may be too thick and inappropriate for hot days

10. Skins A200 Women’s Compression Tank Top

Skins A200 Women’s Compression Tank Top is no ordinary tank top. It’s a sports compression top that would shape up your body and compress it to lock up all the wobbly parts. What’s best? This wonder tank top is available in all sizes and catwalk-inspired colors.

This is a great, especially when you want to flatter your body in a tight-fitting gown or dinner dress. The tank top is scientifically proven to compress your body while improving air circulation. Thus, it does not seize your body like the regular cosset but also helps improve the movement of air through your skin so you will be very comfortable in your dress. 

Aside from its magical body compression, the Skins A200 Women’s Compression Tank Top as has a reflective tape trim that helps shape up your waistline. This tank top aims to keep you in good shape while you work out every day.


  • Scientifically proven to shape up the body and compress the wobbly parts
  • Firm, comfortable and breathable


  • You have to order a size up, or it would be too tight for you

11. Icebreaker Merino Women’s Cool-Lite Sphere Tank Top

Icebreaker Merino Women’s Cool-Lite Sphere Tank Top is a quality tank top designed to keep you fresh and relaxed throughout the summer. Made from durable materials, the tank top feels good against the skin and is lightweight to make sure you don’t feel heavy even when the weather is unbearably hot.

 The makers use a blend of durable Tencel and merino wool to make a top that keeps you comfortable and fresh for a very long time. You can hand wash, and the materials will hardly distort or lose its shape even after several washes. 

The thick straps make it easy to conceal your bra straps when you rock the tank top. Quality seams at the scoop, neckline, and armholes and the tank tops dry very fast. Thus, you can wash and re-use severally without developing that foul smell that’s common with cotton and other fabric.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Dries faster and hardly develops foul odor


  • It’s too tight and maybe clingy at the stomach region

12. PrAna Women’s Alba Tank Top 

Last on our list is the legendary prAna Women’s Alba Tank Top with the flattery lace appliqué detail at the neckline. The makers of this tank top combine organic cotton and spandex to get a material that’s lightweight and soft on the skin. 

Unlike most other tank tops, this product actually makes the accurate size for each size category. Thus, you don’t have to buy a size bigger or smaller when getting the tank top. The material dries quickly in open space and can be used and washed severally. 

The colors you will find online are very close to what you would get when you order this product.  The 1×1 rib knit makes the tank top comfortable, especially when worn for a long time.


  • Comes with a unique lace appliqué at the neckline
  • Quality seams at the neckline, scoop, and armholes
  • A good combination of cotton and spandex


  • The material is too light. Thus your undergarments will be significantly visible

What Is A Tank Top?

Tank tops are a comfortable piece of upper body apparel worn especially during summer. They are sleeveless shirts with a low neckline and separate shoulder straps.  


Female tank tops are not bras, but some come with an in-built bra for extra coverage. Tank tops are made from light, soft material, thus helps you relax and feel comfortable during hot days.

How Do You Buy The Right Tank Top?

Before you buy a tank top, you should thoughtfully consider the following factors:


You need to make sure your choice tank top fits perfectly. To make sure you get a tank top that fits well, it’s always advised to buy one above your average size. The right tank top should hang freely and not hug your body tightly. It should be loose, so it doesn’t show when you are sweating.


While you would want to expose yourself to fresh air and avoid the summer heat, you should watch how much skin your tank top is exposing. A tank top shouldn’t show your nipples or expose your breasts indecently.



While most sellers will claim to have used 100% on their tank tops, most of them are made from cheaper materials. If you are going to buy a tank top online, make sure you get one from a reliable seller.


Bright colors are great, especially if you wish to wear the top with denim. However, make sure you get a color that suits your skin and would look good on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Light Should A Tank Top Be?

A tank top shouldn’t be too light that is exposes your undergarment. However, it shouldn’t be too thick, so it doesn’t cause you to sweat.

 What Color Is Better For A Tank Top?

There is no particular color that can be tagged as the “best” tank top color. However, you should get a bright-colored tank top.

Can You Wear Just A Tank Top As Your Shirt?

Yes. Only as a casual shirt during hot days. However, you should wear a bra if the tank top doesn’t come with an in-built bra.

Can You Wear A Workout Tank Top Casually?

No. they are probably tight-fitting and would not look suitable as casual wear.

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