The 12 Best Trench Coats Every Woman Needs In This Fall

Ladies, it’s that season of the year again when we get to rock trench coats.

Yea, Fall is here, and it promises to hot in a cool way.

So what’s your pick?

Which trench coats are you adding to your wardrobe?

Okay, I know there is so much rush for all the new clothes of the season.

But you don’t need to join the rush and make the wrong buy. It can be quite painful and an unfortunate waste of good cash.

That’s why I’ve taken some time to handpick the very best trench coats for women.

Yea, I’m also shopping for the Fall.

In this article, I’ll be guiding you through everything you need to know to make an informed purchase of trenches.

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What’s more? I’ll review all my handpicked trench coats showing you what makes each of them the crave of the moment.

Review of the 12 Best Trench Coats For Women

Starting from our editor’s choice to 12th fantastic product, we’ll be reviewing these trench coats one after the other. Join me.

1. Wantdo Women’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat with Belt – Editor’s Choice

Clinging to the number one spot is the Wantdo Women’s Double-breasted Trench Coat with Belt. Its water-repellent features make it an excellent pick for fall or early winter seasons. It’s made of 100% polyester, which is pretty soft and lightweight.

You can always bank on it to give you the warmth you deserve when the weather gets humid. It’s got an anti-wrinkle design that will save you a deal of time you could have spent ironing it each morning.

The trench coat is double-breasted, having a length that touches the thigh. It comes in an array of sizes and radiant colors. You can rock it in any way that appeals to your fashion sense.


  • Anti-wrinkle design
  • Contemporary design
  • Made of 100% polyester material
  • Double-breasted
  • Water-repellent
  • Belt


  • It’s not breathable

2. Romwe Women’s Raw Cut Hem Waterfall Collar Long Sleeve Wrap Trench Pea Coat Cardigan

Not all trench coats have double-breasted buttons. This one certainly has no need for that as it’s a priced apparel of its own.

Coming with a fantastic new look, the Romwe Women’s Raw Cut Waterfall Trench Coat is one dress you can wear for virtually any occasion. It has a stylish belt that ties backward. Your hands can always find a place in either of the two pockets in the front.

Thanks to its polyester and spandex combination, the coat is quite stretchy and can fit you with no stress. Due to its design, the trench can close unless you pull it together. It comes in different sizes and colors.


  • Made of polyester and spandex
  • Two pockets
  • Back belt
  • Knee level long


  • Polyester fabric is terrible for warm weather

3. NANJUN Women’s Double-breasted Trench Coat Chelsea Tailoring Overcoat

The Nanjun Women’s Double-breasted Trench Coat Chelsea Tailoring Overcoat is nothing short of awesomeness. It’s a double-breasted trench coat with a contemporary design.

It has a notched lapel and more than enough significant buttons to put an extra layer of style on it. You can always wear this in fall and winter. 

The coat owes its thickness to its material combination: 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Washing has never been easier. It’s washing machine safe and can also take a hand wash. You can choose from its array of colors and sizes. 


  • Material combination is 50% cotton and 50% polyester
  • Washing machine safe 
  • It comes in different color variations and sizes
  • Notched lapel


  • Not very suitable for warm weather

4. Sebby Collection Women’s Soft Shell Trench Coat Water Resistant with a Detachable Hood

The Sebby collection brand is known for providing luxury and comfort at a fair price. This softshell belted trench coat is definitely a must-have in your collection. 

It is made from 100% polyester fabric. And as with all materials of this kind, it is water and wind-resistant, keeping you dry and warm on cold and rainy days, while retaining a soft feel on the skin. 

Of course, the several detailings attached to this trench coat is what makes it perfect. This double-breasted trench coat comes with vibrant and shiny gunmetal hardware.

It also features a button off hood with a flattering notch collar for those times when the weather is chilly. Amazingly, you could wear your collar either up or down.

Additionally, it has wide belt loops which easily holds the self-tie belt. The interior, as well as the pockets, have a cozy and comfy feel.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Comfortable stretch knit panels
  • Water and wind-resistance
  • With shiny and luxurious gunmetal hardware
  • Detachable button-off hood


  • Not suitable for summer because it’s not breathable

5. Women British Double-breasted Slim Long Trench Coat Windbreaker

Also on our list is the Women British Double-breasted Slim Long Trench Coat Windbreaker. It made our list for many apparent reasons. It is made from a mixture of Cotton, Polyester, and Acetate material, ensuring it is incredibly soft and warm on the skin. 

The good thing about this particular trench coat is that it can be both hand-washed or dry cleaned depending on your selected choice and preference.

What more, the women British Double-breasted Trench Coat is perfect for whatever look you want to pull. It’s suitable for that professional, and savvy boss look, as well as that casual but effortlessly chic look. 

Due to its warm and lightweight feel, the British double-breasted windbreaker can be worn both in Autumn and Spring seasons. I know, right? That’s an interesting detail. It’s an advisable option for everyone.


  • Material: cotton, polyester, acetate
  • Hand wash or dry clean.
  • Suitable for daily work and casual outings 
  • Perfect for spring and autumn.
  • Lightweight Trench Coat


  • Not suitable during summer

6. Women’s Waterproof Lightweight Trench Raincoat, Hooded Outdoor Hiking Windbreaker Long Rain Jacket

This beautiful, lightweight, long rain jacket is made of excellent quality material. This ensures that you stay comfortable, stylish, and elegant all the way. One hallmark feature of this trench coat is it’s soft, lightweight and breathable.

Due to its lightweight, packable and quick-drying feature, it’s suitable for all seasons. Meaning you can rock this beautiful trench coat at any time of the year.

This long sleeve hooded trench coat features certain intricate detailing that also adds to its overall beauty; such as front zip for secure fastening and an elastic band on the waist for comfort and fit.

This trench coat is beautifully hemmed asymmetrically. It comes with two front pockets and drawstrings on the hood. It’s a good dress for any occasion such as camping, hiking, riding, cycling, climbing, picnic, running, walking, traveling and other outdoor actives and sports.

Go ahead, feel free to add to the list. To ensure extended usage, I advise you don’t dry clean this coat with washing machine. Hand wash is most suitable for the coat.


  • Made from polyester fabric which is resilient and resists biological damage
  • Variation closure
  • Front Zip Fastening
  • Elastic Waist
  • Asymmetrical Hem
  • Two front pockets
  • Drawstring hood to keep you dry.
  • Suitable for outdoor activities and sports.
  • Can be hand-washed or dry cleaned


  • Not washing machine friendly, as machine wash damages waterproof performance

7. Zeagoo Women’s Trench Coats Double-Breasted Long Coat with Belt

The Zeagoo Women’s Trench Coats Double-Breasted Long Coat with Belt is an absolute favorite. It’s trendy yet elegant.

It is quite comfortable and gives the wearer a stunning fit. It is made from 100% Polyester and 100% Cotton lining. The choice of comfy, high-quality materials ensures that the double-breasted trench coat remains comfortable all-day

The absolute catcher when it comes to this coat is its attractive design. It goes all the way down to the thigh level and comes fully lined as well making for windproof protection. For those times, when carrying a bag seems like such a hassle, you can leverage on the two side pockets.

Another beautiful thing about this trench coat is that it’s an all-season attire which means it’s suitable for spring, great for autumn and perfect for Winter. It’s also perfect for any occasion, including work, school, and vacations.


  • 100% polyester and lined with 100% cotton fabric 
  • Perfect for autumn 
  • Slim waist and flair swing 
  • Removable belt 
  • Double-breasted closure


  • Polyester fabrics are not breathable

8. QZUnique Women’s Long Personality Collar Outwear Slim Trench Coat

Included in my list also is the QZUnique Women’s Long Personality Collar Outwear Slim Trench Coat. It is sewn from carefully handpicked and high-quality materials.

It combines a perfect blend of polyester and cotton, giving it a smooth and supple feel. The unique style and thickness of material help to keep you warm all day, and hence is really suitable for the Winter season.

This trench coat features a unique lapel collar, causal long sleeve, a single breast button coat, slim waist cut, and knee-length design. All of these beautifully adorns the coat and makes it even more attractive.  Elegant solid color will ensure you a better wearing experience

For it’s washing options, you could use both hand and machine wash depending on your choice. Note that you’re never to bleach this particular trench coat. It could get totally damaged if you do, and we wouldn’t want that.

Also, to prevent burning your coat, you’re advised to iron using low heat. This coat personifies elegance and class for those who love to make bold statements.


  • Made from a blend of polyester and cotton fabric
  • Hand and machine wash friendly.
  • Special lapel collar
  • Single breast button coat, long and slim waist design.
  • Suitable for the Winter season


  • Cannot be bleached

9. Women’s Slim Long Dovetail Turn-Down Collar Trench Coat Gothic Clothing

Now, this is definitely different, and different is always attractive when it comes to coats.  I’m totally in love with this one, and I’ll tell you why. 

Beyond beautiful, this trench coat is also comfy. It’s made from the finest blend of materials. It is made up of 95% polyester and 5% micro-elastic spandex. The fabric is 300g thick and fully lined with 100% white polyester.

Some fantastic features of the dovetail turn down collar trench coat are the length, pockets, a beautifully affixed lapel, a stylish button, and pleated swallowtail hem. Though this is worth remembering, the trench coat has two variants: those with pockets and others with none. 

You’re also free to wash your coat as you wish because it doesn’t fade easily. Its washing options include both dry cleaning and machine wash. What matters, though, is that it remains clean.


  • Made from 95% polyester fabric and 5% spandex Micro-elastic
  • Material is 300g thick
  • 100%  white polyester lining 
  • Double  pocket
  • Pleated swallowtail hem
  • Dry Clean or Machine washable, full-color fastness, and not easy to fade.


  • Polyester fabric is less breathable than other natural fibers

10. Women’s Single-Breasted Belted Trench Coat with Hood 

Finally, making our list is the single-breasted belted trench coat. Unsurprisingly, this one is a popular sensation among ladies. It is that clothing item that just seems to be the perfect match for every occasion. It is simple and casual without being overly downplayed.

This lightweight trench coat is made from a blend of 57% Cotton and 43% Polyester. It makes for a smooth and comfy feel when worn. Amazingly, due to the nature of the materials used, this trench coat is water-resistant. This is great news for you because you’ll never have to worry about getting wet.

This single-breasted trench coat comes fitted with eye-catching features that we can’t just get enough of. It comes with casual, yet fashionable buttons for those moments when you want your coat closed.

It also comes with two front pockets for you to keep your valuables, and feminine pleating detail at both the front and back. It’s washing options includes both machine wash, as well as a hand wash. It is perfect for casual outings as well as formal gatherings. 


  • 57% Cotton, 43% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Casual with fashion buttons
  • Lightweight


  • Polyester is water-repellant, which means it causes perspiration to build up inside the garment

11. London Fog Women’s Midi-Length Trench Coat

This coat here is an eye-catcher. The London Fog Women’s Midi-Length Trench Coat creatively combines elegance with class.

It is made from 100% polyester material, and as we know, polyester is very warm and has no absorbency, and so makes it the perfect choice for autumn and spring seasons.

It can easily be machine washed at any time you wish. This classic trench coat as most are, has a midi length, meaning you are well covered from the harsh weather at all times. It features logo buttons with metal trim, shoulder epaulets, and slanted welt pockets.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine wash friendly 
  • Midi length trench coat 
  • Logo buttons with metal trim
  • Shoulder epaulets, and slanted welt pockets
  • Sleeve straps
  • Self-belt


  • Polyester is less breathable than other natural fibers

12. BGSD Women’s Tori Waterproof Classic Hooded Short Trench Coat

Trench coats have always been one way to turn up your style during winter as they are perfect for fall seasons. It’s on just about every stylish woman’s must-have list as it is a classy way to keep warm. This particular coat even comes in different color variations depending on your taste.

Like most trench coats, the Tori waterproof classic is made from 100% polyester fabric and equally lined with 100% nylon fabric. Do you want to know why this piece of information is useful? I’m simply saying polyester fabrics are soft and smooth, they wear quite well and are easy to wash. 

BGSD Tori waterproof classic trench coat comes with extra room through the chest and waist for a classic fit. It also comes fitted with two exterior pockets, a removable hood and double-breasted buttons for front closure


  • Shell: 100% polyester; Lining: 100% nylon
  • Regular Fit: extra room through the chest and waist for a classic fit
  • Double-breasted button front closure; Removable hood
  • Two exterior pockets;


  • Polyester isn’t a breathable fabric and hence isn’t good for summer.

Buyer’s Guide

Woman In Maroon Turtleneck Top And Brown Trench Coat

Buyer’s guide is not necessarily for only newbies. Everyone needs to be up to date with the latest fashion trends and how to make the right purchase. And that’s why I’ll guiding you through this section.

What to Consider When Buying Trench Coat

Starting from the most obvious things like size down to issues of quality and durability, there are a couple of things you’ve got to look out for before you hand over your credit card for that trench. 


Did someone just say, “isn’t it obvious?” Well, it may be obvious, but women are repeatedly buying the wrong dress sizes. Let’s say the obvious things are the easily overlooked ones.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to get a wrong trench size with the hope that you’d mend it to fit you. I know the coat looks so trendy and cute, but I wouldn’t advise you risk your cash for it if it’s not a perfect match.

Woman in Black Double Button Jacket

Buttons and/or belts

Double-breasted trench coats are all over the place. But there is more to trench coats than a double set of buttons. Some trenches have no button at all, but use belts instead.

I have a couple of trenches with a single column of buttons, and others combine buttons with belts.

The question is, “what do you want?” Irrespective of the design, all trenches look great. You just have to get the right pick and rock it as best as you can


Most times, ladies opt for trench coats because of the warmth it gives. Traditionally, trench coats are made of wool, cotton, and other materials that can give the wearer sufficient warmth. There are also trench coats that are made of materials like polyester.

Each of these materials offers varying thickness. If you’d be wearing your trench for summer, you may opt for something lighter due to the heat. Except, of course, if you’d be spending your entire day in a fully air-conditioned room.


Not everyone goes about looking for trenches with hoods, but I kind of love them too much not to buy them. You may find hooded trenches exceedingly relevant when the sun is hot and when it’s snowing or raining.

You’ve got to know that not all trenches come with hoods. So you need to ask outrightly to avoid making the wrong purchase. Those with hoods are often removable.


Now, this is some serious matter. Have you ever seen a nice dress in an online store, only to place an order and get a yellow dress instead of the black you saw online?

I’ve suffered the same fate because I thought the color on display was the same for all units of the product. I believe you now know how disappointed I was. Before you buy trenches, ensure you select the right color.

Some vendors give random colors and size. I wouldn’t risk that. I don’t know about you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Black Magnifying Glass

What size is a perfect fit for my height?

Each dress comes in different sizes, such as medium, large, and extra-large. Before you buy, ensure you measure your body size and read it against the size chart of the vendor.

If you’re buying from an online store like Amazon, use Amazon’s size chart only and only if the actual vendor didn’t provide a chart. This is because Amazon’s size chart is often not a true reflection of the sizes of clothes.

Do the trenches fade in color due to regular washes?

As long as you’re not washing with very harsh detergents or soaps, you have nothing to worry about. These trenches are designed with the best quality. Nonetheless, take good care of them.

Does it come with a detachable hood?

Not all trenches come with a hood. Check the individual specifications to be sure.

Can I use these trenches as raincoats?

You can only use the water-repellant ones as raincoats. Others will certainly get drenched in the water depending on their water-repelling capabilities. It also boils down to the material used.

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