Best White Sneakers for Women

When it comes to women and fashion, the white sneaker is a pair of footwear that will never go out of style and for a good reason too. Women’s fashion can be a complicated affair, and very few pairs of shoes provide the type of versatility needed in the women’s fashion industry like white sneakers. 

The white sneaker is one that will always be in style either in the summer, spring, winter, or fall season; it complements everything and anything. The white sneakers for women increase your choice of option in fashion; in the present world of fashion, the white sneakers do not conform to any fashion rule. 

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Owning a pair of shoes that you can wear to any occasion and on any outfit is something every woman looks forward to purchasing. Aside from the white sneakers being versatile, it has a significant impact on your appearance. 

In the world of fashion today, people wear white sneakers on different types of clothes and to various occasions. You can pair your white sneakers on casual wear like jean, on corporate wear like a suit skirt and jacket, for a date night with a short gown and to other types of events. 

In as much as the white sneakers seem like a great wardrobe addition, different people have what type of design they want; Which is why we have rounded up the best ten white sneakers for women. 

Irrespective of your preference or style, you will get something you love from the designs below. 

1. DUOYANGJIASHA Women’s Athletic Mesh Breathable Casual Sneakers Lace Up Running Comfort Sports Fashion Tennis 

If you are looking for a pair of white sneakers that will provide comfort and at an affordable amount, this women’s athletic mesh tennis shoe is a good deal. Made from synthetic and fabric, the Duoyngjisha women’s sneaker is a suitable choice for running, hiking, or traveling. 

The shoe has a cushioned insole for extra padding which might make it a better option for lighter exercises like walking or running; if you are looking for footwear for more rigorous practice, you might need to opt for another option. 

The shoe has a lightweight outsole and a breathable cushioned insole; it has a metallic silver ripple design on both sides that makes your feet stand out in the sun. The Duoyngjisha women’s sneakers have a breathable mesh upper with laces that makes it a good fit. 

For women with a flair for fashion and style, the Duoyngjisha women’s sneaker is a good choice for all activities; from simple walking to running, driving, shopping, partying and as footwear for easy athletic activity. It’s a lightweight sneaker that you can wear to any event or occasion. 

If you are the type of person who sweats on your feet, the Duoyngjisha women’s lightweight sneaker is one of the shoes you should consider owning. Why? It has breathable and durable air mesh that allows your foot to breathe when worn. 

2. Buganda Women Fashion Leather Sneaker Lace Up. 

Who says you have to give up on heels because you want to wear sneakers? For those women who love to wear heels and/the petite ladies, these would be a great pair of sneakers for you to try on. 

The footwear is made from leather – Italian leather. Therefore, you can trust it’s of high quality. Buganda outdid themselves in this product, and sincerely we love it. The shoe is made from polyurethane leather, and the sole is rubber for extra stability. So, for both wet and dry days, you’re covered. 

These high heel wedge sneakers can be paired with almost any outfit. It would go well with gowns, dresses, shorts, jeans and even Sarris as long as the dress style is semi-formal or informal. 

Here are a few features of the Buganda Women Fashion Sneakers at a glance. 

  • It comes with rubber antiskid soles. 
  • The shoes are lightweight, extremely comfortable, and versatile.
  • This pair of women sneakers are made from PU/elastane clothing. Therefore, the material is breathable, and it can be worn for a long period. 
  • This pair of shoes comes with 1.2 inches of hell and then 2 inches hidden heels inside the shoes. Therefore, it is just a great choice for the lady who wants some extra height. 


  • It comes with heels, if you want a little bit more height without going through the stress of putting on heels, here’s something to consider
  • Footwear is light and comfortable to wear, can be worn all-day


  • Although stylish, the heels might be a deal-breaker for the lady who doesn’t care about such things.
  • The shoes come in small sizes; therefore, it might be difficult for those with big feet to get a perfect fit. For example, ladies who wear size nine might have difficulty finding their size.

3. Converse Low Top Sneakers

Ever heard of the phrase “a classic pair of sneakers?” This converse low top sneakers could be said to be a perfect representation of that phrase. What you’re looking at here is a timeless style of sneakers, it’s been around since before the 90s, and we want to believe that it would never go out of style. Many of us wore this style while growing up; it tells a lot about the staying power of the converse. Let’s take a look at a few features below. 


Made from Cotton 

Therefore, the material is absorbent, perfect for everyday wear or those with sweaty feet. 

Anti-Slip Sole

Solis made from antiskid rubber; therefore, it is safe to wear even on wet days. 

The upper part of the footwear is made from cotton canvas, which is not just high quality, but it is washable and dries fast. 


  • The sneakers are quite affordable for everyone, and it performs better than its monetary value. 
  • The footwear is comfortable, breathable, and easy to wash. I mean you could throw it into the washing machine, and it would come out looking as good as new.
  • Comes in the classic sneaker style; therefore, it is pair-able with different attires. It can also be used for a myriad of activities from the gym, running and of course everyday wear. 


  • We think this footwear is great, except for one teeny weensy drawback. The insole is not cushioned, so certain people (people with slight foot abnormalities) might not be able to walk with it all day. Their ankles and heels might not find it very comfortable. 

4. Epic Step Women’s Cheerleader Shoes 

Some ladies will never be caught wearing flats, either in sandals, flip flops or shoes, they always want something with a bit of a heel. Well if you fall into this category, it is a footwear you might want to own. This pair of stylish sneakers come in 3.2-inch heels, if you’re looking to make your legs appear longer, these pair of sneakers will help you accomplish that in a smart way. 


Super stylish and lightweight

Chunky shoes like these sometimes do appear to be heavy, and a lot of time it is real. However, this pair of sneakers is surprisingly very lightweight. They are also very comfortable. You can wear them all day without feeling discomfort. 

Platform shoes

It means that the footwear is straight on the inside, unlike high heeled shoes which are a bit steep. It adds more credence to the fact that it is comfortable for extended wear.


It will give your feet the perfect fit (no pun intended) 

The shoe goes on a variety of clothing styles, skinny jeans, skirts, t-shirt dresses and even with jeggings – you are covered. 

Comes in an exact fit 

If you are a size 6, for example, you don’t need to up or reduce your size, the shoes are made to fit. 



  • If your feet need extra arch support, you might not find these shoes comfortable, except you add extra padding.
  • The shoes are chunky, therefore throwing it into the machine for washing is definitely out of the question, you’d have to hand wash. 

5. Adidas (Stan Smith) Women’s Cloudfoam Advantage CL Sneaker 

Look, ladies! It’s Adidas! The granddad of all them sneakers and the kind of sneakers that other sneakers imitate.

The Stan Smiths are a trendy, classic pair of sneakers. It is one pair of sneakers we see Kylie Jenner rocking once in a while, as she goes about her errands. 

We remember the original Stan Smiths due to their iconic green stripes. This version here is an updated one, so it doesn’t come with the green strips. If you love extra simple sneakers lacking any form of embellishments, these might be the perfect sneakers for you. It is the all-white Stan Smiths, it comes with perforations all around its top layer, for easy breathing. For you ladies who love comfortable wear, low profile sneakers that are pairable with almost every outfit, well, these might just become your go-to shoes. 

Features of The Adidas Women Cloud Foam Sneaker. 

Safe to wear

This pair of shoes come with rubber soles, this gives it excellent traction, thereby making it skid-proof.


The top of this pair of sneakers is made from leather; it was built for sturdiness.


Inside the shoe is lined with a cloth-like material for extra comfort. And then inside the soles is memory foam made especially for relaxation.


  • The first thing you notice when you step into these shoes is the comfort. It has cloud foam in the midsole just for this purpose. It is one of our most loved features of this sneaker. You’d probably be wearing it all day. We think it is quite comforting to know that Adidas has made your comfort an absolute priority. 
  • The style is classic, very versatile pair of sneakers, and it’s also effortless to maintain. 


  • Do you really want a con? Common, it’s an Adidas for crying out loud, and truth be told Ladies, we are yet to find a con.

6. Vince Women’s Bair Slip-On Sneakers

We absolutely love these Vince slip-ons. It’s perfect for those days you can’t be bothered about lacing up your footwear. And also, if you generally don’t care about lacing up, this might be something you’d love. This slip-on sneaker is very simple and convenient. Slip your feet into them, and you’re good to go


100% Leather

It tells one thing; you’re looking at a very durable and stylish piece of footwear.

Skid Proof

The Vince Blair comes with vulcanized rubber soles, making it skid proof and safe for wear, even in wet conditions.  

Easy to Wear

The sides of this shoe come fitted with elastic, this helps your feet enter into the shoes with ease, and then the elastic holds the feet in place. 

The Vince Women’s Blair footwear is made with the stylish woman in mind, and it also comes with excellent quality. It is great for work and play. These sneakers are very versatile, and you’d gladly discover that you can pair them with different clothing styles. 

These are great walkabout shoes. They are perforated, so your feet will be able to breathe all day long.

The shoe build also takes into consideration those with high instep feet. If you have such feet, you’ll also find this footwear comfortable without having to make any extra effort.



  • Those with wider feet might have a bit of a challenge with the fitting of these pair of sneakers. It is because the Vince comes streamlined in build. 
  • It is made from leather; therefore, it can’t just be thrown into the washing machine. If you’re looking for that kind of shoe, this won’t provide you with what you need.

7. Buffalo Women’s 1339 White Leather Sneaker

Remember this footwear from the ’90s? It was a rave back then. For the lady who loves vintage or sometimes like to play with retro stuff, you might find these shoes adorable. We think they are, in a chunky, cuddly kind of way. And speaking about cuddly, that’s how your feet will feel in these boots. The inside of this shoe is very soft and very comfortable. It’s a platform shoe, and it is also very lightweight, so there’s no extra stress on your ankles.  


Platform shoes

For the lady who would love to have some extra height 


It makes it very easy to take care of

Lace-up closure 

It means that it can be adjusted to be tighter or looser depending on the needs at that time.  The sole is made of rubber, for stability and the inside is made from fabric. 


  • This footwear is made of leather; therefore, it will be effortless to maintain
  • It is comfortable and also lightweight
  • They are platform shoes and just great for the lady who wants some height. 


  • These are chunky shoes; therefore, lots of ladies might not find them as versatile as other low-heeled styles. 
  • The style is also retro, it’s not a classic style, and therefore it might not last so long as a trend. If you love to wear trendy stuff, this will not serve a purpose when it goes out of fashion.

8. Steve Madden Women’s Anton Sneakers

For the woman who likes to live at the edge of life, you know on the wild side, here is complementary footwear. For the biker loving women, jeans and leather kind of woman, we’re almost confident you’ll love this pair of high-top sneaks. It comes in 100% leather, perforated with chunky soles and even heels, what else could a chic biker babe ask for from a footwear? Here’s another iconic piece from one of the masters’ Steve Madden.


  • 100% Leather
  • These chunky pair of boots are effortless to clean, seeing that they are made of leather.
  • Synthetic sole, and also comes with hidden heels. For the lady who loves heeled footwear, here’s another reason to love these Anton sneakers. 
  • Comes with laces and a working zip; It is effortless to adjust for one to get the perfect fit. 


  • Here is a very trendy footwear, something for the fashion-forward lady.
  • The footwear is moto-inspired, so it’s most likely going to suit the taste of the adventurous lady.
  • Comes with a heel, so that the wearer can look sexy and elegant


  • The Women’s Anton Sneakers is not versatile; it can only be paired with those biker lady kinds of clothes. The likes of jeans, tees and leather jackets.

9. Vince Warren Slip-On Sneaker 

Here’s footwear that comes in possessing the best of two worlds. It comes as a slip-on for extra convenience, and then it is also a platform shoe, thereby adding some elegance to an already effortless style. Vince is very good at making effortless non-embellished footwear, and this is another one that we love so much. For those of you who don’t care to be bordered by laces or would like some extra height, this is a pair of shoes you might want to try out. 



Non-lace up shoes, perfect for that day when you feel so laid back or even lazy and want to go out with as little effort as possible, and yet look good. It also features elastic at the side for comfortable wear.

100% Textile

Can be washed by machine, if you care for that kind of thing, though it is something we don’t often recommend. 

Platform shoes

Comes with about 40 mm of the platform, the lady who wants to appear to have longer legs has a choice in these shoes.


The insole is padded with Italian leather for extra leg comfort; the heel collar also comes padded. 


  • Classy and yet casual pair of footwear, offering you a wardrobe choice on very laid-back days. 
  • This pair of kicks are very comfortable, both insole and heel collar are padded. You can wear these sneaks all day and not feel pain in your feet. 


  • The shoes come a bit streamlined, if you have wide feet, you might not find the right size comfortable, and you might need to go a size up. It is still not an assurance that your feet will find comfort in these. 

10. Under Armour Charged Transit Running Shoes

Though not as popular as Nike or Adidas, Under Armour has in the past year created a reputation for making great kicks. This Charge Transit shoes are what they talk about; they are great for transit. Made for the active women in mind, whether at the gym or for your running activities, this footwear has got you covered. And of course, you can wear while running errands, doesn’t have to be only for exercises.


Unique lace system

The lacing system for the charged running shoes is quite different from what you’d see on other footwears, here the laces are wide, on the two sides of the shoes. They offer extra support and are very easy to adjust.

100% synthetic textile material top 

The upper part of this footwear is made from fabric woven Jacquard style for sturdiness, light weightiness, and aesthetics. 

High Impact Soles

The high impact zones of this footwear are fitted with solid rubber, for durability and extra cushion. 


  • This footwear gives a good fit, this is due to the presence of Micro G sockliner, and it gets molded to your feet shape, thereby providing premium comfort and fit. If you move around a lot or stand a lot, you’d find that these shoes are very comfortable. 
  • The system of lacing provides a great fit, irrespective of your activities. Therefore, they are great workout shoes. 


  • These are real sporty shoes, so they might not go well will your sundresses and other gown styles.

How To Take Care of Your White Sneakers 

Here are a few tips to take care of your white sneakers

For New Sneakers

There are certain sprays you can use on your sneakers to keep away dirt. Just like you use your suede polish to make your suede shoes looking good and stay clean for longer, the same principle applies here. 

This spray kind of coats your white shoes with an invisible film. Therefore, dirt particles will have a hard time sticking to the surface of your white sneakers. This method works best for sneakers made from fabric like your canvas shoes. 

Clean Stains the Same Day

Leaving stains for longer makes them stick to surfaces. So, to keep your shoes whiter for longer, clean off stains the same day. It might be a bit of a hassle, but in the long run, it is worth it. Whenever you come back from your outings, and you notice a stain on your shoes, get it cleaned immediately. If you use a stain repellent as we talked about above, it all becomes easier. To take care of a stain, take a brush, a hard brush, dab it in some soapy water and then scrub. You could also use other stain cleaning fluid; for example, white vinegar can be used. Same method, dab and clean. 

Machine Wash 

Washing machines can be hard on your shoes and doing this often will wear out your shoes faster. The only time we’d recommend you do this is are those times your footwear is dirty, and it needs a deep cleanse. To even achieve a better cleanse, separate your shoe from the lace, then wash separately. Put your shoes in a wash bag then set your machine to delicate or low. 

When you’re done dry your footwear indoors, you can stuff it with old paper, or old pieces of cloths to soak up the excess water and help it dry faster. Note that machine wash is recommended for shoes made from canvas, not for Suede or leather shoes. 

How to Clean Suede Sneakers? 

From our experience as sneakers aficionados, we think that suede sneakers are the most difficult to clean. And this is one reason they rarely come in pure white but rather off-white colors. Suede shoes stain very quickly, and they are also a bit tricky to clean. Here are a few tips for cleaning suede shoes. 

With a soft cloth clean your shoes to remove any moisture from the body. Next using a pencil eraser rub the stains on the shoe surface. Now if you have wet stains, get a paper cloth, a dry one, and dab on the stain. Hold it firmly, don’t rub as this could make the stain spread.

Get a piece of soft cloth, put some white vinegar on it, and then use it to get out any stubborn stains. Give the shoe some air so that it can dry. Spray it with suede polish, then leave it to dry again. Finally use a suede brush on the shoe, so that it can get that hairy look which we all love suede shoes for. 


What kind of attires can white sneakers go on?

Your classic white sneakers such as your converse low ankle or your Stan Smiths can be paired with virtually every kind of dressing; the go with sun gowns, body con dresses, t-shirt gown, turtlenecks of course jeans and shirts. They can even be paired with kaftans and for the fashion risk-taker Sarris. The only attires they might not be able to go with are very formal. I dare say though that real fashionistas might even be able to pull off specific sneaker style off with really formal attires. 

I’m not sure what size I should wear?

Your sneakers should be one size bigger than the size of your dress shoe, especially if you are going to be doing some serious physical activities with your sneakers. A little space between your longest toes and the shoe is needed for extra comfort. 

Something else to consider is the brand of sneakers you are buying. Different brands sometimes have slight variations in their sizing. So, because you bought a size 6 Adidas that fitted perfectly, doesn’t mean a size 6 Converse would fit the same way. You might need to downgrade or upgrade your size depending on the brand you are using. 

I’m flat-footed. What kind of sneakers should I get?

Flat-footed people don’t have a well-developed arch. So, they’d need shoes which help to make up for this. It would be a pair of sneakers which comes with excellent stability in the midsole. The midsole of your shoe is very important.

I have Plantar fasciitis, any recommendations? 

It would be best to see a specialist for such cases or maybe gait expert. One thing is sure though, sneakers which are a bit high at the heels are suitable for such cases. Your regular Converse high tops might not provide you with the kind of comfort that you would want. For Plantar Fasciitis, avoid flats, even as little as flip flops, except they come with small heels. 

My white sneakers get dirty very quickly, what can I do about it?

It is bound to happen, especially when the ground is moist. To reduce this though you can spray it with a protective shoe coat to help it repel dirt. You can also use a DIY mixture for this. Just coat the shoe with white toothpaste for a few hours and then wash it off with warm water, your footwear will have a protective coating around it. 

How can I protect my shoes from scuttle marks or at least mask them?

Nail polish will be handy here. Those scares and scuttle you are trying to eliminate, apply a thin layer of lay polish to their surfaces, this will mask them. The polish will wear off over time though, so you might have to reapply it. 

How can I prevent my white soles (underneath the shoes) from turning yellow? 

The fact is that this is inevitable as long as you wear the shoes. It happens in a process called oxidation. There are a few ways to slow this down that prevent oxygen from getting to the shoes. It is impossible seeing that we live and breathe oxygen. 

You can reduce your shoe exposure to oxygen, store it with silica gel. It comes in sachets, and they help to absorb oxygen and moisture, especially in small closed spaces. They help to preserve things.

Take your shoe out of the shoebox and store it elsewhere, maybe a shoe bag. It is because these cartons contain certain kinds of pigments/dyes that could yellow your shoes.

Finally avoid wet conditions, muddy conditions, grim and grass. As far as maintaining your whites are concerned, these are your enemies. 

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