12 Best Work Bags for Women

One of the best ways to make a pronounced fashion statement at your workplace is by getting yourself a classy, functional work bag. 

Unlike other bag pieces like the clutch purse and small bags, a work bag must combine both style and functionality to fit your lifestyle perfectly. 

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The good news is, we scorched the internet to hunt down some of the best work bags. We checked out these bags and made a very difficult but satisfying selection to get you the best bags in the market currently. 

Sit tight as we take you through 12 best work bags for every woman. Whether you are in the market for a portable, classy bag or a large functional workmate, we are certain you would find something interesting in our selection below. 

1. Editor’s Pick – Aleah Wear Shoulder Business Work Bag

Top of our chart is the Aleah Wear Shoulder Business Work Bag. It’s the rave of the moment, in high demands by fashionistas and businesswomen. 

The bag is made of top notch 300D Oxford leather matched with quality PU leather. 

The PU leather makes it easy to clean and maintain. It’s that bag that can hold lots of items safely. It has two open pockets for large items like laptops, and a zipper compartment for other essentials like wallets, phones etc.

If you don’t want to rock the bag by its handle, you can always pull it over your shoulder with its strap.

The bag can be used for work, school, shopping, gym, events, business trips, travel, dating, Christmas gift, birthday, Valentine’ day, graduation, college, Easter, anniversaries and more.


  • Easy to clean
  • Can take large items like magazines, daily planner, tablets and books 
  • Easy to maintenance 
  • Two side pockets


  • The bag can only take 10” laptops, so it’s difficult to carry around larger personal computers

2. Best Stylish Bag – Professional Laptop Tote Work Bag by Lovevook

The women bag by Lovevook is one for multiple compartments which provides room for a couple of binders, phone, tablets, portfolios, and other stationery and wallet items.

It’s designed with a high quality PU material what is easy to clean and maintain. It has metallic studs at the base to prevent the bag from scratching.

The material is also very sturdy for better durability. It is regarded as one of the best work bags for women because it is perfectly appropriate for any professional meeting or office environment. 

The silhouette of the bag is classy and clean, and it does not sit on the floor because there are four taps on the bottom of the tote.


  • For multiple purposes
  • Multi-pockets
  • Better workmanship
  • Comfortable length as a shoulder bag
  • Easy to clean
  • The material is very sturdy


  • It is quite heavy

3. Best Durable Bag – S-Zone Women Genuine Leather Bag

If you are in search of a high quality work bag with ample space, the S-Zone Women Genuine Leather bag is one of the best you will find in the market.

This type of work bag is also a neutral bag that has elegance and will go with the majority of your wardrobe.

Some other features of the bag include Split cow leather, neat stitching, four metals on the bottom, large capacity, adjustable double top handles, etc.

You will also enjoy the benefits of the two pockets of the bag. The first pocket is a good fit for your laptops and iPads, while the other pocket will take your cards, keys and other small items.


  • 100 percent split cow leather
  • Two main pockets
  • Large capacity
  • Adjustable double top handles


  • May be too large for certain occasions

4. Best Sizeable Work Bag : MOSISO Laptop Tote Work Bag

Mosiso Laptop Tote Work Bag is not just classy but also multi-functional. It’s designed to allow you to carry your laptop around in a uniquely sleek style.

One of the reason people loves this attractive fashionable laptop tote bag is because of how ideal it is for day to day needs like shopping, school, work, office, business, outdoor activities, gyms, camp, etc.

So, college students, women, teen girls can all use this bag for their various purposes. 

The top zipper closure of the bag will prevent the laptop or other valuables from falling off. Also, the exterior pocket will keep your cell phone, keys, and other smaller items safe.


  • Made of premium PU leather material (durable)
  • Sleek style
  • Great for several occasions


  • May be bulky if you love small work bags 

5. Best Luxurious Work Bag : Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Runway Bag

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s Runway Bag is totally on a league of its own. The brand name alone is luxury and class.

It’s great for carrying 15 to 17-inch laptops and meant for only professionals and travellers who value both style and function.

It is specific on just professionals and business travellers, which is why the bag is regarded as one of the best work bags for women.


  • Hidden zipper pocket with an organizer
  • It features dual in-line skate wheels for swift mobility while on the move
  • Rear trolley strap fits over most luggage handles for hands-free carrying.


  • May be too large for college girls

6. Best Vegan Work Bag : Women Vegan Leather handbags

The Women Vegan Leather handbag is a vintage style bag made from eco-friendly materials. It comes in a set of 3 pieces with varying dimensions that are suitable for different occasions.

It has an adjustable shoulder strap you can wear if you don’t want to bank on the leather handle.

The cosmetic bag that comes with it can be used differently as a cross body or as a centre divider with snap attachment on the two ends of the tote.

The main handbag has two pockets, the first is the zipper interior pocket and the second pocket is the one centre pocket. It’s one of the best work bags that women are crazy about. You’ll be sure that it will give you class and elegance.


  • Three-piece a set
  • Made from Eco-friendly vegan leather
  • Vintage style


  • Vintage designs don’t always look classy for younger women

7. Best Laptop Work Bag : EaseGave Laptop Bag Business Work Bag

A first look at the EaseGave Laptop business Work Bag and you’ll fall in love with it. It has a nice design that makes it conspicuous each time you step out with it. 

Being a multi-compartment bag, it’s very resourceful. It has an open turn-lock flap closure that reveals a metal zipper housing several pockets.

You can keep all your essentials without worrying about losing any. It has just the perfect size for work. Your office days will certainly not remain the same.

Besides work, it’s stylish enough to be used for whatever your mind can think of. Take it to school, and you will rock as much as you would when you go shopping.


  • Suitable for laptops, notebooks, and tablets
  • Multi-compartments
  • Metal Zipper


  • The material is not leather, so any stain is difficult to remove

8.  Best Designers Laptop Work Bag : IAITU Large Wing Designer Bag For Women

The IAITU Large Wing Designer Bag for Women may be what you’ve been looking for. Made from premium PU leather, this work bag has a style that puts it in a league of its own.

It has some dimensional lines running from the top to the base that gives it an unequivocal design. It’s one of those bags with multi compartments. First, it has a metallic zipper that leads to the three compartments.

Yea, it is designed with an inner laptop sleeve and a Velcro strap to hold your 15-inch laptop without qualms. You can bank on any of its three pockets to keep your keys, phones, and other tiny essentials.

There is also additional shockproof padding that provides excellent safety and protection.

One of the reasons women regard this bag as one of the best work bags for women is that it can be used for several occasions.


  • 3 Compartments
  • 3 pockets
  • Can hold a 15-inch laptop
  • Shoulder strap


  • Not large enough for a 17-inch laptop

9. Best Travel Laptop Work Bag – WIWU Multi-Functional Travel Bag

Although this list is made for just women, the WIWU Multi-functional travel bag is not only meant for women, but also for men.

This portable, flexible, smooth, and fabric material is very easy to clean, that is because of the waterproof design it possesses.

You can take the bag to school, college, shopping, travel and even cycling.

So, the bag is one of the perfect ones for any occasion. It allows for a no-fuss conversion from briefcase to backpack at any moment.


  • Large in capacity
  • Comfortable for heavy loads
  • And at the same time, it is not bulky in size


  • The strap of the bag is not quite strong.

10. Best Satchel Work Bag – Dasein Women Satchel Handbags

Dasien Women Satchel Handbag is designed with signature high quality faux leather. It has a gold-tone that gives it a lustrous look. 

In case you want to travel stylishly, you can easily add or remove the shoulder strap to switch between a shoulder bag and a satchel.

It’s 15” wide and can easily accommodate iPads, tablets and mini laptops. It boasts of two inner pouch pockets that is concealed by the main zipper that leads to other compartments.

To protect its Vegan buffalo leather, it is fitted with gold studs at the bottom. So your bag stands at attention.

You can rock this bag for an array of occasions and still be the princess in glass shoes.


  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Faux leather and Vegan Buffalo leather
  • Pouch pockets
  • Gold studs at bottom


  • Can’t comfortably take in a 15” laptop

11. Best Briefcase Work Bag – BAIMAY Laptop Tote Bag Briefcase Work Bag

Baimay Laptop Tote Bag Briefcase Work Bag is specially built to offer you every atom of ease on your day to day engagements in the office.

It has a Velcro strap that leads to its wide maim compartment which can hold a 15 or 16” laptop comfortably. 

It has 2 slip pockets and a back pocket to hold your essentials in place. Keys, holes and wallets will fit in without qualms.

You can owe it’s durability to its high quality PU leather. It takes it out of this world and back. To ensure it doesn’t wear off, the bag is fitted with four metallic studs at the base.

Irrespective of how you choose to rock it, the 10 – 23” inch adjustable shoulder strap will give you the luxury of choice.


  • Four metal rivets on the bottom protect laptop bag
  • Adjustable long shoulder strap
  • Useful and stylish gifts
  • Two main pockets
  • Perfect colors and large size
  • Strong top handles streamlined stitching and
  • Removable shoulder straps


  • May be too large to rock for other occasions

12. Best Fabric Work Bag – TANTO laptop Tote Bag

The Tanto Laptop Tote Bag is the peak of versatility. It doesn’t just give you sufficient space but also great comfort. 

Designed with water resistant fabric, this bag offers top notch protection for your essentials. It has lots of compartments where you can keep an array of things.

The major compartment is secured with a lateral zipper leading into the inner chambers of the bag. It’s large enough to hold your notebooks and still keep that 15” laptop in shape. 

You can use it detachable purse to hold your keys and phones, or you can make use of any of the side zipper pockets. It has for mesh pockets, 8 holders, 2 side elastic bottle and umbrella holder, and 3 pen holders.

Now you can see why people love it. With its USB port design, you can keep your power bank in bag and have your phone charging outside. This bag is lightweight and ideal for work and other occasions.


  • Parts are stitched together perfectly
  • Equipped with heavy-duty zipper system
  • Inside dividers are wrapped with thick pad
  • Straps are adjustable


  • The material isn’t leather

Buyer’s Guide

Now you have a list of some of the best work bags for every category, how do you make the right choice for a bag that fits your needs? Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you get through your workbag’s checklist.

What Are Work Bags?

It’s simple! A work bag is designed to help you carry your work effects to your place of work every day. These items can be large like a laptop placed in the larger pocket.

While other materials like keys, cards, and other small items are placed in the smaller pocket.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Work Bags for Women

Now you’ve known the basics of a good work bags, you should have the following things in mind when buying one.


Yes, size matters. Do you want a nice looking bag with great features, but lacks sufficient space to hold your laptop?


Now this is an important question. Before you buy a work bag, try to know what and what you’d need it for. How big is your laptop? 

If you have a 15” laptop, you definitely shouldn’t have any business with a 14” work bag except you want to put your laptop in a separate bag.


I love my bags to be cool and fancy. You know something that can properly radiate my feminine charm. Your taste may differ from mine, but it boils down to articulate consideration of designs.

You need a bag that you can give you great functionality even as you match into the office in style.


The material of a bag goes far in determining the quality of the bag. Most work bags are made of leather with top notch quality.


Some are made of cowhide skin, and if you have an issue with such leather, then you should look for a bag with durable material like faux leather and the rest.


I know you don’t want a bag that will expose all your stuff to harm’s way. That’s why you should look at the zipper critically before you order.

Some bags don’t have zippers at all. It’s not that they are inferior. It’s just their style. So take note of this people you buy.


All bags aren’t designed the same. Some have just two compartments while others have as much as 20. Yes, 20. But before placing an order for a 20 compartment bag, you should juxtapose it against its design and other features.


See if it’s what you like and would love to rock. I think a bag of three or more compartments or pockets will give you greater control over your essentials. 

What Are The Benefits Of Work Bags?

The benefits of work bags for women can be listed as follows;

  • Work bags for women can be used for multiple purposes
  • Work bags do have multi-pockets
  • They offer better workmanship
  • The length of a work bag gives comfort (shoulder bag)
  • Work bags also fit in as a laptop bag
  • They are easy to clean
  • The material used in work bags for women are very sturdy
  • Work bags do have adjustable long shoulder strap
  • Work bags have two main pockets
  • They also possess perfect colors and large size
  • Work bags for women also have strong top handles for streamlined stitching and
  • The shoulder straps can be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is the size of the workbag?

The size varies by bags. Some bags are 13”, while some are larger. The choice to buy depends on what you want and the occasion for it.

Will my I7 inch laptop fit into it?

It depends on the size of the bag you buy. Look at the dimensions before purchasing.

How durable is the bag?

Some bags may last for 4 years or more. Guarantee is not what you should bank on. The durability of the bag depends on the material it was made of and how you use the bag.

What fabric is the bag made of?

Some are made of faux leather, cow hides in, PU leather, etc. Always check for the material before placing your order.

Can I use the work bags for school?

Sure! Work bags are also great for schools, shopping and a host of other occasions.

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