Best Workpants for Women 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Office-wear has come from a long line of evolution over the years. The tough and rigid pants of times past have given way to new chic, sassy and ultra-comfortable styles that are designed to flatter every body shape.

Problem is: “women still want to know what works and what doesn’t.”

With many corporations are brands encouraging stress-alleviating, fun out-of-work lifestyles, pant fabrics are catching up fast. Now, we have options that are stretchy will still appearing professionally correct.

So, whether you’re wearing work pants for a presentation to your bosses or traveling halfway across the world, these live-in pants are sure to make you happy, flattering and worry free.

And that’s why we have once again brought the art of picking work pants under the microscope to reveal some of the best ones of 2019.

Enough talk already, let’s get at it.

1. Ryan Slim Banana Republic Straight-Fit Pinstripe Pant

For those who work in a conservative environment, this is a great destination. It comprises 69% polyester, 29% viscose rayon, and 2% spandex. Inseam is a petite 28” and a regular 30”. It has a hook and bar closure with an inside-stay button as well as belt loops, zipper, front-off seam pockets and real quasi-welt pockets. These straight black pants are a business-casual wear that comes in wide-ranging skinny, tailored and flared trouser styles within your budget’s reach. So instead of putting on the regular black pants, you can opt for the more elusive pinstriped pair.

The well-renowned outfitter is versatile and can be toggled for daywear and nightwear smoothly owing to its supreme dressiness. Feel confident to wear these pants with pointed loafers, heels, large scarves and sweatshirts because they guarantee funky freshness and breathability. Cheers!

2. Anne Klein Flared Leg Suit pants

Every woman’s wardrobe is in need of at least one pair of classic slacks that are versatile and can suit a great number of office environments. The Anne Klein Flare Leg Suit pants are perfect, particularly on occasions when you want to be simple and not pay much attention to your general outlook, but still want to appear professional. They are manufactured from 63% polyester, 33% viscose, and 4% elastane, and features buttoned waist and welt back pockets.

These mid-rise pantaloons are crafted from a lightweight woven blend that is both comfortable and breathable. Also, the flat-front, flare styling slims down your overall physique. You can whip a blazer or suit jacket on top of it to be set for an important conference or with a nice blouse for a more business-casual countenance.

3. Nine West Gramercy acclaimed stretch pants

For those who love to wear denims to work in a jeans-compliant work area, these pants highlight your smooth silhouette. They comprise thick jersey fabric and have a hidden side zipper that maintains the front side of the slacks looking well-aligned and nifty. These pants elongate well-enough for daylong wearability. They are manufactured from 56% cotton, 24% rayon, 19% polyester, and 1% spandex.

More flatteringly, the Gramercy acclaimed stretch pants come in nine color variants namely black, ink, partridge, nougat, cammello, olive, sand and white. They also come in sizes 0-18. They can be easily cleaned or hand-washed in cold water. To style up, these pants are best paired with a simple top that doesn’t negate the clean lines.

4. Vince Velour Cuffed jogger pants

These pants are versatile and can easily switch from street style to office professional seamlessly. The strides have a high-rise design, giving the legs a slender look. In addition, the elasticated back waistband feels comfy on the body for an unrestricted, daylong wear at the desk. The frontal creases flourishes nicely to make the trousers multidimensional. The cropped cuffs give a flamboyant appeal as they enable you to brandish your footwear. Best of all, these trendy pants feel loose and nice on the legs as they come with front pockets for added functionality, enabling you to keep small belongings.  You can find them on Vince.

5. Everlane’s women’s the work pant

These are more than work pants, they truly are everyday pants. Working can be hard enough, and wearing constraining and uncomfortable clothes only makes a tedious day at work even harder. Nick a pair of 4-way stretch cotton dress pants to keep your mind centered on the task at hand.

So, it’s time to ditch that old, rigid, and ghastly workwear and try some fresh high-rise Everlane pants. They are slim and look different anytime they’re worn on different tops, shoes, and jackets. Buyers have showered lots of eulogies to its color, purchasing multiple colors because they’re simply irresistible. Find these at Refinery29.

6. Vince Camuto Ponte Ankle Pants

These pants are enamored for their weighted ponte knit and ankle crop that delivers a certain degree and contemporariness and sheen to your daily dressier pants. They are made from 69% rayon, 26% nylon, and 5% Lycra.

The corduroys are extra comfy and perfect for your most flattering fit ever. You can style them up with a nice blouse, a pair of metallic statement earrings and pointy loafers. It has a zipper closure and is machine wash compliant. Buyers have confirmed that these pair can be worn all day long, while looking comfy, professional and fashion-forward.

7. Rekucci women’s ease into comfort fit dressier pants

When you tag a pair of pants “ease-into-comfort-fit with tummy control”, then there should be no doubts as to its comfortability. This Recukki pants has no pockets, zippers or buttons but still does a good job of looking perfect for the office. Pant inseam is 31” regular and 28” short/petite. There is a sizing chart on the page with which you can find your size.

Made in Cambodia, the clean, minimalist Rekucci women’s dressier pants are bendable, so it’s easy to just pull them up. These pull-on pants have an elastic band inside the wide contour waist that can provide support and smoothen the appearance of the britches. These pants are machine washable and can be air-dried. The biggest takeaway of this piece is its affordable price.

Its enhanced body contour design functions to hug your form and gives you a flawless look on any of your tops all day.

8. Banana republic Sloan crop casual-work pant

BR comes up again in this litany and rightly so, because it’s one of the best work pants for women in 2019. The Sloan crop is a mid-rise close-fitting thigh and cropped length pants with hook and bar closure, stay-inside button, belt loops and zipper fly. It also comprises 56% viscose rayon, 39% cotton, and 5% spandex. The Sloan crop also has 24” petite, 26” regular inseams.

This line comes in different patterns, fits, and colors with a routine pattern make-up that snugs at the hip, thigh and leg. There are made to flexible, body-sculpting material.

The Sloan can be a little pricey, so be its best to be on the lookout for discounts and cut-price deals before taking a plunge. And while these pants can run a little tight on the legs, they’ve found a way to look pro every time.

Most Banana Republic pants have the dry clean tag only, so if you want a machine washable pant, there are more suitable selections.

9. Ann Taylor straight pants

For high-quality black dress pants, you might want to consider Ann Taylor for that gratifying professional look. Styles from this outfitter are constantly evolving and are streamlined for almost all body types. The Ann fit pants reign supreme when you’re looking for something a little posher, particularly when you plan to match the pants with heels. It promises a leg-skimming shape with full-length hem for unbridled versatility.

However, they are a bit on the pricey end of the price scale but are surely durable and will survive the test of time as you’ll get lots of wear out of them.

Ann Taylor trousers have a repertoire for being comfortable. It’s versatile and suitable for work or a night out. Composition comprises 54% cotton, 43% polyester, 3% spandex.

10. Gap Bi-stretch skinny ankle pants

Who in their right mind would overlook this posh work pants? Not only are they flattering and pocket-friendly, they come in so many fabrics, designs and colors that are changing season to season, year over year. It features a smooth bi-stretch twill lattice with hook and bar closure and zip fly. Their front slant welt pockets have a hidden sip closure and back welt pockets. The fabrication comprises 53% cotton, 42% rayon and 5% elastane.

The styling is so sassy and dressy that they work so well for office outings. We certify the materials A-grade quality because they are thick and will remain unchanged for years. We also purr at the fact that it is dandily comfy and nimbly flattering for almost all body types. The Gap Bi-stretch skinny ankle pants are machine wash compliant. Find these pantaloons at Gap.

What to look out for when buying women’s work pants

When buying a pair of work pants, consider your body shape first as this is very critical to sizing. Some common women’s body shape includes hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, and round. These forms will determine the one to best flatter your shape.  


When shopping for pants online look out for the brands women’s pants size chart or look out for the brand’s women’s pants size chart or look out for a general sizing chart. Women’s dress pantaloons are some of the most complicated clothing items to purchase online. This is because pants are rife of such considerations as overall length, rise, hip size and waist. Not forgetting how they’d look if you’re wearing flats or heels. You can circumvent this overwhelming process by consulting a size chart online to make informed decisions concerning your pant’s fit.

Body shape

Your dress pants must match the styling of your apparel. And, with diverse styles available online, a bit more work is required to suit varying body styles. In addition, not all styles are suitable for office environment, but the straight leg variety is a no-brainer as it matches any physical configuration. Skinny work pant styles are agreeable to many body shapes. All in all, you’ll never fall short of finding that one style that blends with your physique whether you are skinny, oval-shaped or fat.


The material you choose for your pants will invariably decide how you look in them. Cotton pants can give you that stylish, professional look that career women appear in. if your line of work requires some physical exertion, then refrain from cotton trousers because they tear easily. This type of fabric is known to attract dirt easily.

Conversely, synthetic textiles like nylon, acrylic, Kevlar, spandex, polyester and acetate are very comfy, durable and require little washing or ironing.

Material quality is crucial as you need them to sustain active wear and regular laundering. Consider picking textiles that are durable against light summer and heavy blizzardy weather.


Color can make or mar the appearance of you and your pants. Some hues blend well with some body types while some don’t. For a professionally dandy look, go for solids like black or blue because they are versatile. They are the most used hues for work pants as they concur with the most diverse range of tops, footwear, accessories, and occasions. Colors like peach, golden or tangerine give a more casual look. You may want to stay away from dark shades if you plan on wear pants to the office.

Do the double effect

When you finally find flattering pants, it is a smart move to purchase two pairs as pants tend to wear out faster than tops. Buying trousers more than one pair of trousers adds to its versatility as they can be made to fit different shoes styles.


What are work pants?

Work pants (also known as dress pants, dressier pants, corduroys, trousers, pantaloons, slacks, and britches), are a style of formal or casualwear that are made of cotton, polyester, wool, spandex, and are designed to be worn with a matching suit jacket. Dress pants have creases on them because of their form-fitting nature.

How do I care for my pants?

To help your pants stand the test of time, endeavor to maximize the number of wears between washes and hang them out to air regularly. Before you wash your pants for the first time, check the label and adhere to care guidelines. Most wooly pants tend to be dry clean only, though; you may find that some can be machine washable.

Pants are always washed inside out using the stipulated wash cycle and temperature. Ensure that the zippers and hook buttons are closed before placement in the machine to prevent them from clinging to other garments. Always hang pants upside down. If your pants are manufactured from wool, handle them with precision to avoid damage from insects and microbes.

What are the popular working pant fabrics out there?

More often than not, women’s work pants are made of the following types of fabrics for stretchiness, durability and comfort.

  • Cotton

This is a natural fiber that is mostly used in manufacturing tops. It is also a staple for casual pants. Popular cotton-based textiles include denim and twill.

  • Knit

This fabric consists of only one set of yarns that run parallel. Knit materials are characterized by bumpy textures and are a good option for casual wear and career pants.

  • Linen

Linen is a natural fiber that is derived from the flax plant. It is stronger, sturdier and shiner than cotton. It is highly resistant to wear and tear. Linen materials crease easily, needing more maintenance than cotton. This material is the ideal fabric for dressy, summertime pants.

  • Microfibers

This is the new breed of synthetically engineered clothing that is thinner than silk. They appear and feel like natural fibers but come at a much lower cost.

  • Nylon, polyester, rayon, and acrylic

These are synthetic materials that are the easiest to clean, but are not as durable as wool or cotton. They are often hybridized with natural fibers that maximize their qualities. Synthetic fibers can be found in dress pants.

  • Silk

Nothing comes close in luster, strength, warmth, and durability than silk. It is the best natural fabric (spun by the gods as mythological legends claim). Silk is however more expensive and hard to maintain than other materials. Nonetheless, they make the most luxuriant women’s pants.

  • Spandex

This is an artificial elastic textile that is made from polyutherane. It is used in women’s pants to give a stretchy effect. Spandex and Lycra are used interchangeably but the latter is a copyrighted name for the former produced by a different brand.

  • Wool

Wool is animal hair. It comes in different types and grades that they have been given specific names such as alpaca from the South American Alpaca, camel hair from the Double-Humped Camel, Angora from the Angora Rabbit; Cashmere from the Kashmir sheep, and Mohair, derived from the Angora Goat. Wool is perhaps the best fabric for cool-weather and is used in slacks and suits.

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