How to Style Your Maxi for Cooler Weather by Kristina

Maxi skirts are the iconic sort of pieces generally associated with warm, sunny days and breezy walks along the beach. I love pencil skirts as much as the next girl, but it seems a certain sort of luxury to have that extra fabric swishing around your ankles. I’m such a fan of long skirts, so of course, I’m always looking for ways to take my billowy chiffon skirts into cooler weather. This season’s version of the maxi are hardly to be restricted to the bohemian looks with which we associate them. This year they are smart, chic, and utterly feminine. Here are just a few ways I’ll be working my maxis this autumn over at my blog, Kristina J.
Downtown Edge

A maxi skirt is super girly, so pairing a boxy striped sweater on top is the perfect balance of tomboy and feminine. It looks completely pulled together without being at all fussy. Plus, the pattern play is beyond visually interesting.

Surplus Chic

Take your cues from outside the city limits and incorporate an army-inspired jacket into your look. The rustic elements of a military jacket will hardly seem out of place when thrown over a sequined tee and cinched with a glittery belt.

Weekend Wear

Yeah, you could just throw on a sweatshirt, but why would you, huh? Wearing a light-weight sweater under a cropped jacket will ensure you’re on point whether running errands or pleasure shopping…and if the afternoon gets too warm, simply shed the jacket.

Working Girl

You’re sure to stand out in a sea of corporate business suits when you pair your maxi with well-structured layering pieces. The end result is professional while unexpected colors and the smallest of skinny belts maintain your individual flare.

Lunch Date

A chambray shirt knotted at the waist is as easy-breezy as the wind blowing through the trees. Set if off with a utilitarian leather bag and you’re good to go.

Maxi skirts can feel more dressy and formal than their knee-length counterparts. A great maxi skirt has a lot of personality, so one skirt in an eye-popping color and another constructed out of a multi-hued print will give you tons of mileage for fall, bringing their own dramatic impact to your wardrobe. When in doubt, dress them down with more casual pieces to ensure your look is modern and fun.

Dates on the Cheap

Thank you for all your suggestions!! I’ve compiled a list for your favorite dates on the cheap. Your homework is to do all of them…at once.

  1. Long walks through the forest, the city, residential neighborhoods and pointing out which Victorian houses you like best, or the beach. (JustinebrianneleeKimberellieHalf Dressed,Larysse Tavares)
  2. Picnics at the park or the beach. (JustineLa Historiadora de ModaJessicaEmily, Ruby Slipper Traveller)
  3. Movies…maybe with tea, chocolate, cake rolls, Thai thin biscuits, fermented milk, or pizza. (yours truly dearKimberelliesweetLarysse Tavares)
  4. Nickel arcade. (yours truly dear)
  5. Auto Zone (haha! ;)). (Melanie)
  6. Drives. (Lemondrop Marie)
  7. Beach. (KimberellieJ E S S U)
  8. Coffee dates. (Kimberellie)
  9. Browsing used book stores with Starbucks in hand…or bringing your own tea/coffee and browsing the library. (Kimberellie)
  10. Games…perhaps cribbage. (Kimberellie)
  11. Trying on clothes and asking your husband which outfit he likes best (I love this one!!!). (Kimberellie)
  12. Crafts…like scrap-booking or crocheting. (Kimberellie)
  13. Baking together. (Kimberellie)
  14. Cooking together. (Jessica)
  15. Going to the playground. (Jessica)
  16. Going to the movies. (CarolineLarysse TavaresJ E S S U)
  17. Going to see a band. (Caroline)
  18. Snuggling in front of the T.V. (Caroline)
  19. Playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero. (Caroline)
  20. Grocery shopping together. (RicAdeMus)
  21. Visiting family. (RicAdeMusLarysse Tavares)
  22. Eating gyros and people watching. (definingdawn)
  23. Sitting on the park grass and just talking. (Larysse Tavares)
  24. Eating at fast food snack bars. (Larysse Tavares)
  25. Going to the park and having a BBQ. (J E S S U)
  26. Hiking. (J E S S U)
  27. Camping. (J E S S U)