Photo Tips for Fashion Bloggers #3 by Emily

 photo title_zps9890c5c8.jpg

Here’s a quick tip on getting flattering outfit posts/portraits when you’ve got to work with that pesky middle-of-the-day light. Making this one SUPER simple change when you’re shooting can make your photo much more clear, flattering, and all-around blog-worthy. Check out the before and after below where all I did was change one aspect of shooting the picture…

 photo pic1and2_zps90d49373.jpg

All I did was simply change the angle of where the model and camera are facing. So simple! Angle #1 causes some pretty harsh under-eye shadows. You can see every wrinkle and fold in her clothing and it’s not the most flattering. Angle #2 gives her nice, even lighting all around her face and clothing that doesn’t distract from the picture. The downside of angle #2 is that the background and sky are inevitably a touch overexposed.

Keep in mind that achieving nice lighting of angle #2 requires some tweaking in Photoshop. Looking at the before and after below, you can see a little editing goes a long way.

 photo beforeandafter_zps2021d3b9.jpg

I did basic fixes in Camera Raw (though another program like Lightroom or Elements works just as well) to bump up the exposure and add lots of fill light. I made the dark areas darker with the “black” slider and added just a little bit of clarity to the image to keep in nice and sharp. Afterwards, I opened my image and photoshop and used the “dodge” tool around her face just to brighten it up a tiny bit more.

What other photography questions do you have?

Be Confident In Your Modesty by Emily

Hi! This is Emily from The Lovely Things. I am fairly new to the blogging scene. My blog is all about my life and my evolving style.

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is confidence. It seems like every girl has days when she thinks, “Ugh, I wish I could wear what other girls get to wear.” or “Nothing looks cute when you are modest.” Even though we have these thoughts, we know they could not be more untrue. It is all about confidence in your modesty. Confidence is an essential component to being able to rock an outfit. Confidence is not about how the outfit would look on someone else, where you purchased the items, or what people think about you. Confidence is about how you feel, and when you are confident, it shows. You do not need to start practicing your model strut in order to pull off your outfits. Clothes are about expressing your creative side and letting your personality shine.

Here are some tips to becoming more confident in your style:

Pick staple items that you are in love with.

If you do not have that “I will die if I don’t buy this!” feeling then you will not have a glow about you when you wear it.
Only wear an outfit if you feel good about it. 
When you feel good about your outfit, you find that you end up giving yourself compliments instead of put-downs, which builds up your confidence.
If you feel like your skirt just may be too short, then skip it. No one likes to play the “pulling it down all day” game.
Make things interesting.

Mix colors and patterns and experiment with layering. You will find that making bold steps in your style slowly makes you more confident about your abilities to put together interesting outfits. Who do you notice more? The girl wearing the usual jeans, tee, and cardigan or the girl who is thinking outside the box? You do not need to see her and think, “Oh, I wish I could be like her.” You can exude that confidence just as well as she can.
Forget about what other people think.

Your style is about you. An outfit on a confident person is infinitely more appealing than on someone who is looking for approval.

Remember that modesty can be sexy.