Making Modesty Your Own by Heather

Hello you lovely Clothed Much readers! I’m Heather from Life of a Passeri, and I am absolutely thrilled to be here! So I’ve been waiting for some great wave of inspiration to wash over me and tell me what to say to rock your modest fashion world. I mean have you seen Elaine? ‘Cause if you … Read moreMaking Modesty Your Own by Heather

Modest Can Be Marvelous! by Dani

Hi there Clothed Much readers! I’m Dani from The Daily Dani, and I’m so excited to be here talking modest style with you all! Let me tell you, from the time I realized how important fashion and styling is to me, it seems that I also realized how important modesty is as well. I’m not sure … Read moreModest Can Be Marvelous! by Dani