Making Modesty Your Own by Heather

Hello you lovely Clothed Much readers! I’m Heather from Life of a Passeri, and I am absolutely thrilled to be here!

So I’ve been waiting for some great wave of inspiration to wash over me and tell me what to say to rock your modest fashion world. I mean have you seen Elaine? ‘Cause if you didn’t know, she’s kind of a big deal. So here’s what I came up with:

I like feeling pretty.

Earth shattering right?

When I feel like myself, like I own my style, I feel pretty. There was a time though, that I didn’t feel like I could really look fashionable or “pretty” in modest clothes. I felt like what I wore and what was “in style” were completely irreconcilable.

I didn’t know how to own my style. I was so focused on how modesty prevented me from fitting in, I was missing the point:  my clothes should be less about others and more about me; how they make me feel, or represent me as a person. I should never think I have to fit into someone else’s mold.

I know, right?! How great is that?

So now, older and wiser, and sometimes to my husband’s distress, I’ve learned how to dress for myself and own my modest style. My “pretty” like my style is how I define it.

So here some of my tips on how to dress for yourself and spice up modest style to make it your own!

1. Find accents and accessories that are completely and uniquely you. Such as Steve, the Argentine fish purse:

2. Mix pieces you love that make you feel confident with ones you find exciting or a little outside your comfort zone. Like my favorite silk dress, paired with and unexpected top.

3. Play up your natural assets. I’ve embraced my dramatic frizz and curls by pairing them with big accessories and electric colors.

4. Don’t be afraid to pair something fancy with something not…fancy. Like classic pleats & stripes with a home-made necklace.

Hope you found these tips helpful! Feel free to come on over for more thoughts on how to feel pretty on your own terms. –Heather

Modest Can Be Marvelous! by Dani

Hi there Clothed Much readers! I’m Dani from The Daily Dani, and I’m so excited to be here talking modest style with you all!

Let me tell you, from the time I realized how important fashion and styling is to me, it seems that I also realized how important modesty is as well. I’m not sure I really picked up on this fact, though, until I got into the blogging world early this year, and compared (and often contrasted!) my style with those of the lovely ladies in the fashion blogosphere! I’ll admit, in the past (and maybe even sometimes now, on lazier days), I’ve been known to dress a bit on the “frumpy” side – in oversize tops or potato sack-esque shapeless shifts – in order to stay humble or reserved. However, with just a bit more effort, modesty can be absolutely marvelous! Here are 3 tips I have for staying fashionable, fun, and radiant while still maintaining modesty!

1. When in doubt, CINCH IT!

Whether you use a belt, ribbon, bow, or attached tie, modesty does not have to equal shapeless! Appropriately show the person you are proud to be by showing off your waist! Mixing longer sleeves and hemlines with a cinched waist will make you feel your best!

2. Don’t forget to ACCESSORIZE!

I’m talking scarves, bags, belts, bangles, and more! I never leave the house without my large menswear-style watch, a ring or 2, and my sunglasses! Accessories are a great way to draw attention to your style without being too aggressive. Cute pins, flowers, bows, and personal details let you express yourself in a fun and charming way!

3.  Play up your PRINTS!

Punch up modest tailoring and silhouettes with great prints! Stripes, florals, and ikats OH MY! Mixing up fun prints and patterns is a way to ensure that you’ll never be bored with your look! Whether you’re rocking 1 print at a time or 5, you’ll be sure to gain compliments for your cute, individualistic style!

Thanks for having me, Clothed Much! Stop by The Daily Dani to let me know how you punch up your modest style, and see how I continue to evolve mine!

Making Modesty Easy by Sarah

Well hello Clothed Much readers! I’m Sarah, from Wearing It On My Sleeves. I have to admit. Modesty has not always meant what it means to me now. There was definitely a time where I saw it as restricting. I thought, “really, really?? What can I wear then?” I remember trying to find a prom dress in high school and being about in tears over the fact that I just COULD NOT find a dress that had sleeves on it. I ended up spending my next three weekends altering a dress so that it would have sleeves, and to be honest, I could not stop thinking to myself that just wearing what everyone else was wearing would be SO MUCH EASIER!

When it really came down to it though I can see now that I just wanted to follow what everyone else was doing. All the girls were wearing spaghetti strap tanks, tiny little skirts and I felt a little left out not being able to dress like the other girls. How ridiculous was I? (I mean really though?!) Modesty is so much more important than any of the current fashion trends. It shows that your respect your body, think your beautiful without needing to show a bunch of skin and that your confident in who you are as a daughter of God.

Dressing modest can be a challenge at times but it’s so worth it. A few tricks that have helped me keep it modest are….

1. If you have a dress that is just a bit too short you can use a second skirt as a “slip”. Not only will it keep you modest but it will add some volume and extra color to your outfit.

2. If you have a low cut shirt or dress don’t be afraid to get a hold of a sewing machine and sew some lace or trim on the neckline to help you hide your ‘lil ladies.

3. Layers are your best friend when you’re trying to keep it modest. If you have a spaghetti strap dress, grab a cardigan or a button up to go underneath or on top.If you have a low cut shirt wear an undershirt.

Dressing modest can seem challenging at times but it gives us the chance to be all the more creative with what we wear and how we wear it! Have fun with your modest style and take pride in the fact that you’re modest!