Date Night by Melissa

No spark during the date? Wear a little sparkle in your belt!


Ann Taylor top; Abercrombie & Fitch jeans (similar); J.Crew shoes and belt

This is my current date night outfit. Lately, I’m loving classy, formal-looking tops dressed down with a pair of fitted jeans. It’s a great combo for a date that you don’t know how to dress for (which still happens with me and my husband). The collar is meant to be folded down, but I prefer it up.

Cute flats are a great idea to keep the outfit fun and feminine while still being able to take those long romantic walks or awkward strolls to and from restaurants……. Speaking of flats, loafers are amazing! Patterned loafers are even better. Thanks, mommy! With all one color, a pattern can really pop anywhere you have it.

Whether it’s the best night of your life or a total bust, having a versatile date night outfit makes you ready for almost everything! 😉

Lazy Meets Office

thrifted blazer, $3 ; thrifted white t-shirt, $5 (similar); Target sweatpants, $18; Target sandals, $8 (similar)
This post is brought to you by thrifting and Target. I got these sweatpants a couple weeks ago and they’re all I’ve been wearing at home (with a t-shirt, gross! {..or is it?}). Can you tell I’ve been in a be-as-lazy-as-possible-but-still-look-put-together-with-the-least-amount-of-effort mood lately? Ahem. In fact, I’m so lazy that I wore this to work. I’m 97.4% sure that I wore this all weekend too. But that’s the beauty of it all… Add high-heels and a blazer and you can’t even tell they’re sweatpants!! (Work with me here..)

Two days in a row

Um, I totally wore this shirt two days in a row to work. I hope nobody noticed how gross I am… (Someone please tell me they’ve worn a shirt twice in a row… I can’t be the only gross one out in the blogosphere. Or maybe I can…… This is getting awkward.) But I had to to recreate this GCOGH ensemble. I love the yellow, blue, and white together and can’t believe I never thought of it before!! I thought I was smarter than this!

I’m wearing a thrifted navy blazer ($3), J.Crew Factory white shirt (gift), thrifted Forever 21 yellow jeans($6) I skinnied, and JCPenney heels (free) with a vintage Gucci bucket bag ($3).

And I can’t let you go about your day without your giveaway reminder… Peach ruffle cardi. Go!