Just another manic…Sunday


You thought I was going to put Monday, right? I TOTALLY GOTCHU.

This was taken on Sunday if you didn’t get it yet. But it was good – thanks for asking. We had stake conference this past weekend and my visiting teaching companion and I visited with three sisters on our list! ..one of whom is Kari!! I think her contributions to my blog count as VT…

Also, I did a crownbraid again but I did it further away from my hairline and the nape of my neck and I think I look less like a man this way.

I’m wearing a Forever 21 gold flower necklace ($8), Anthropologie gold bib necklace (free with gift cards), H&M white shirt ($10), Tulle teal skirt (c/o Tulle), and JCPenney berry heels (free with gift cards) with an MNG by Mango black bag (free with gift cards).

Back When…like Thursday

Warning:  I wore this on Thursday. I’ve just been like sooooo buzy I’m posting it now. I don’t know why this would be considered a warning. Now it’s just long and obnoxious.

I haven’t worn this skirt in a while because it has a bleached stain! a;dslkjfakldjf!!!! Chase and I tried to bleach it in a white bucket but it just turned the inside of the bucket pink. I might try again later… It’s been so hot lately. I need more lighter skirts.

Got this belt-over-scarf idea and this hair braid from a couple of my pins. I LOVE THAT SITE xINFINITY. If you’re Pinned too, let’s be friends.

Today is my sister’s birthday……. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMOOLY!!!!! I’ll mail your present out like next month.

I’m wearing a thrifted Gap chambray shirt ($4 – buy similar!), handmade maroon skirt ($2), yellow scarf(gift from Melissa), thrifted tan belt ($1), and Forever 21 sequin flats ($5) with an MNG black bag (free with gift cards).

For the love of food (and maxi skirts)

This past Friday I wore an H&M white shirt ($10), yellow scarf (gift from Melissa), Forever 21 maxi dress-turned-maxi skirt ($5), and Target clog sandals (gift). But let’s get to the good part…. FOOD.

I was really anxious and frustrated so excited and happy on my way to pick up Chase after work so I demanded suggested we go get some frozen yogurt right that second for a little date. We were stuck in traffic forever had a nice little drive through L.A. and found Crumbs! And then I was happy. (I got the Milkshake cupcake. DELISH.)

Then we saw a sushi restaurant and decided we wanted sushi. (We always want sushi.) But it was too expensive for us so we found a cheaper and better one a few streets over. We got so excited we ordered a little too much that our waitress had to ask us if we were sure we could eat that much. We said yes. And then no. And then yes again. And then no once more. I’m glad we said no. I’m paying for those cupcakes and sushi right now. I’m doing squats as I type this.