Alt Summit Fashion Trends by Courtney

Hey guys! I’m Courtney, but you can call me Ceebee, and I am excited to be one of the street style photography contributors for Clothed Much. I’m based here in Salt Lake City, so when I heard about Alt Summit, I just knew I had to be there. Alt Summit is a workshop for bloggers and creative people galore. From classes, to fancy parties, to networking, I knew everyone would be rocking some high end fashion trends. So I grabbed my camera one of the days to document some fun styles I saw.


This fancy lady, is Caroline Armelle, of Armelle blog. The big trend I saw was printed pants! Can’t get enough of these ones, and Caroline is rocking them. Pair it with a bright colored top, and you are set to look fabulous.

The highlight of Alt was meeting the amazing Brooke White of The Girls with Glasses Show! I caught Brooke on her cozy outfit day, but it’s so perfect for winter. Chunky sweater and printed leggings, what more could you want?

This pretty lady is Lexi Ward from The Proper Pinwheel. Fur was another must at Alt. Whether it was a cute fur coat, or a simple adorable fur scarf, you looked fab. Paired with her bright colored pants, animal sweater, and top knot made one great look.
Meet adorable Miss Kelly Lanza from Studio DIY. She is rocking those heart printed pants. And who doesn’t love a sweater over a collared shirt? Top it off my personal favorite accessory… a bow! Definitely loved her J Crew style.
I had a blast watching the daily fashion show that went on at Alt, and hope you all gained some tips on these hot blogger clothing trends!

Paparazzi Perhaps

I stole Chase’s shirt today. He was sleeping so it’s okay. I basically stole his whole outfit! This isn’t the first time we’ve dressed similar (at different times). So who wore it best? Just wanted to clarify… This shirt shrunk in the wash and doesn’t fit Chase anymore, which is why I wore it instead!

I originally wanted to wear a necklace with this outfit but the neckline on this shirt is all weird. So I decided earrings were probably the best way to go. I wanted to go BIG and BOLD but didn’t like how my longer earrings almost mimicked the loose hair around my face so I went with my bow earrings for some subtle cutsieness. I’m glad I did. Sometimes it’s the little details that count!

Found another easy hairstyle – a loose braid! I have layered hair and I like having the little (and later in the day, the longer) hairs slip out. Then throughout the day I would bobby pin it to keep it in place. Perfect hair is BORING! I like things natural – which is why I don’t usually have my hair up. It’s also better for my hair as it won’t fall out as much.
I’m wearing a Collection B jacket ($55), my husband’s H&M shirt ($5), bow earrings(giveaway win from LemonJitters), secondhand BDG jeans ($10), Tsubo shoes (courtesy of Tsubo), and JCPenney bag (free with gift card).