How to Draw Fashion Illustrations by Heather

Hey guys! I’m Heather Anderson. I blog about fashion, hair, beauty, and art over at Latter Day Style. Elaine was nice enough to let me guest post and teach you guys more about fashion illustration. Like you guys, I love Clothed Much. I’ve been following the blog for a while and love Elaine’s polished, yet relaxed … Read more

How to Style Your Hair in a French Twist by Kristina

Yep…that’s me sporting my hair in it’s most natural state of fuzziness. I never, ever, ever try this hairstyle on freshly washed hair…my hair is just too bouncy, so this hair style is reserved for a couple days after a shampoo when the ends are at their frizziest and there’s just nothing else to do with it … Read more

Blogging Tips

I’ve been getting several emails about tips on starting a fashion blog and building your readership. I wish someone had given me tips on what to do and what not to do a year and a half ago when I started blogging. Keep in mind I’m no expert – these are just some tips that I’ve learned … Read more