Feeling Wild

Shirt: NY&C via thredUP | Necklace: JCPenney – gift card via giveaway win (similar) | Skirt: vintage – $6 (similar) | Heels: Vince Camuto – $76 (similar) | Total = $82
Check out my new shirt from thredUP!! Feeling wild over here!! (So my thredUP code is over, but you can still get $10 off your first purchase if you click this link.)
Since I’ve been working from home, I don’t have a lot of chances to dress up so I’ve mostly been buying loose and comfy clothes as opposed to dressier items like this one. But I couldn’t resist this animal print! Plus, it’s black and white so it’s pretty much a classic, right? (…just go with it.)
So HEY! GroopDealz is having a birthday giveaway that you should check out!! Or not. More chances of me winning.. Hehehheehe! Also, I’ll take one of each pleaseandthankyou.

Red by Melissa

Button-up: Gap (similar) | Shirt: Shade Clothing (similar) | Jeans: J.Crew | Shoes: Sperry | Clutch: Anthropologie (similar) | Necklace: gift

Hey, CM readers! This is an outfit I wore out before I left for army. We met up with my cute sis-in-law and her now hubs at Macy’s. They were playing house with the magic registry gun. Anyone remember how fun that was? I think my husband successfully registered us for everything in kitchen ware – my chef! We stole away from kitchen ware to the furniture section to grab these photos. It’s a fun game of hurry-and-try-to-take-a-photo-before-someone-sees…stage fright. But hey, fabulous wall, right? 😉


Print Button-Up Shirt: From Day to Night


Top: Gap via thredUP | Flowerc/o Hot Magnets | Shorts: Gap Outlet (refashioned from these!) – $26 | FlatsHush Puppies – $70 | Total = $96
I wore this last weekend when my parents were in town and Chase and I were able to go grocery shopping BY OURSELVES. It was amazing. No intricate car seat buckles, no trying to contain a handsy and wiggly baby in the shopping cart, is this what heaven is like? I think I can hear angels singing..
I just got this button-up from thredUP and I’m in love. They’re TEA CUPS! I didn’t realize I was so whimsical.
Close up of my….crotch? :/ Just focus on the tea cups…
Top: Gap via thredUP | Flowerc/o Hot Magnets | Jeans: thrifted Target (and skinnied) – $8 (similar) | Shoes: Target – gift (similar) | Total = $8

We also had a birthday dinner that night for my brother-in-law and I wanted to dress up and to cut down on standing in front of my closet for an hour trying on 298374 different outfits again, I just changed out the bottoms and shoes. Afterwards, my parents watched Grey while some of us went to my BIL’s friends’ band play for their 10th(!!!!!) anniversary. It was so loud and late and I felt so old, butbutbut….we did young people stuff!!!11


Sign up sheet right here

TeeTarget – $6 | Necklacesc/o Max & Chloe, Forever 21 – $3 | Pants: via sample sale – $1 (similar) | Sandals: Walmart – $10 (similar) | Total = $20
This past weekend my parents came to visit. Those who know me and/or follow me on Twitter know that it is the MOST stressful thing for me. It’s been better since we’ve had Grey so their attention is placed elsewhere…i.e., away from me and onto Grey who soaks up all the attention like a ShamWow.
The best part of their stay was a half an hour before I was supposed to go pick them up when Grey had the BIGGEST blow out of the century…like all over his car seat, his legs, and his arms and hands. I think I puked in my mouth a little…or a lot. I had also reserved that half an hour to do a last minute cleaning for my neurotic and germophobe mother. Instead, I spent TWO hours bathing Grey and cleaning, dissassembling, washing, drying, and REassembling the car seat. I thought I was going to die of a stress attack that day…and I would’ve welcomed it. I did not sign up for this…!!!!!
Anyone have any good news today? Just writing this out again is making me anxious and giving me hot flashes..

(And, yes, I totally copied the fabulous Sydney’s outfit.)

P.S.. If you missed it, there’s a giveaway going on right now for a colorful short-sleeve maxi dress HERE!


Iffy by Melissa

Button-up: Madewell (similar) | T-shirt: Shade Clothing | Skirt: Madewell (similar) | Shoes: J.Crew (very similar!)
To be honest, I am not quite sure what I was thinking here. Was it “How many patterns can I fit in ONE outfit?” or “I am going to pick blindly from the closet and just put it on.” Maybe it was “I am going to be wearing camo for the next month – get in all other patterns while you still can.” Whatever it was, I still thought it was pretty fantastic till about half way through the day. Then it was more like, “What am I wearing?!?” Anyone else feel iffy about their outfit choices as the day ends?


A Greybaby in the pool

So continuing from my last outfit post from our weekend at my in-laws’….
..and we had to document every second of it, obvs. I couldn’t handle him in his swim trunks and sunglasses!!!
“Get off my raft, woman.”
Verdict? He looooooved it. Once he got used to the water, he wouldn’t stop kicking. My little froggy. He especially loved his little tube. And my best mom moment? I was holding him in his tube and I must have had my hands too close to the middle and his whole face went under. :X :X :X He definitely drank some water and cried and cried and I just wanted to die right there. I feel horrible just thinking about it again.

But this shows that he forgave me, right? <3

Necklacec/o Max & Chloe | Sweater: Gap via thredUP (similar) | Tank (underneath): J.Crew c/o thredUP (similar) | Jeans: Gap via thredUP (similar) | Shoes: Target – gift (similar) | Total = $0!!!!
Now on to the outfit… This whole dealio is basically from thredUP and if you haven’t checked it out yet, WHY. Gogogo. You still have a few days left to use my 35% off coupon code and free shipping!!! (..compared to getting free shipping when you spend $50.) Just enter CM35 at check out.

Our neighborhood has tons of stray cats. I sometimes put out food for them, but I think the coons have been eating it all.. Jerks.

That weekend was Second Saturday in Sacramento, which is a combination of an art walk/live music/markets/lots and lots of people, which my nervous/anxious self LOVES. There was this one band we saw play called YACHT. Have anybody heard of ’em? I haven’t, but the few songs they played I instantly liked.
That picture on the right there? The guy was holding a sign that said “all you are right now in this moment is enough” and it just got me right in the feels that I had to share..
Welp, seeya.


Toofer (Two outfits in one)

I miss 30 Rock.. 🙁 Moving on… with a tear.
Blazer: Modest Mob – $30 | Necklacec/o Max & Chloe | Tank: J.Crew c/o thredUP (similar) | Jeans: Gap via thredUP (similar) | Sneakers: Forever 21 – $10 (similar) | Total = $40

I wore this casual get-up a couple weekends ago when we had a sleepover at my in-laws’ house. We go there a few times each month and sometimes stay the night because it’s our second home…and they have a pool…and stocked fridge and pantry…and cable. It’s like, why did we leave again?? (To backtrack, we lived with them for a few months earlier this year while I was recovering from a C-section and so we’d have more time finding an apartment for our new family of tres.)

I realized right after I put this outfit on that I wore the same tank top and light blazer as I did here:

It just goes together, you know? And by “goes“, I mean that blazer is the lightest covering I have for this kind of weather. Come on…..FALL!
So I guess you can consider the outfit below as a casual after-church version??

K, moving on to the newest addition to my closet….these straight leg jeans. My very first pair. I’m calling them The New Boyfriend Jeans. They’re just as comfy but with a more fitted leg, so it doesn’t look like you’re actually wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. And they’re kind of my favorite right now and forever.

Hey! My thredUP code is still active! 35% off and free shipping for new customers when you use CM35.

Oh, and here are some pics of my baby in a hat because I couldn’t get enough of him on my Insta. <3

And some more. Story:  My father-in-law thrifted this tiny armchair and bought it for Grey!! It’s the perfect size for him to lounge and watch his Saturday morning cartoons once a month and demand his milk. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees a future teenage Grey.. Someone stop time!!!! :(:( I’m not ready.

Pantsless no less.
HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Try not to die in this heat. For me.


Birthday Present by Melissa


 Blazer: Forever 21 (similar) | Top: gift (similar) | Skirt: Madewell (similar) | FlatsTarget | Dog Tags: Army

For my birthday this year, I got a giggling phone call from my brother asking my size and then this top came in the mail a few weeks later. My family is a mixed bag of laughter/concern/pride in my joining the army. Admittedly, I was never planning on having an army print in my wardrobe (aside from my standard uniform). So this top presented itself as a challenge. My closet might have ended up all over the floor before I could figure out what to wear it with… Anyone else get those occasional clothing gifts that stump your fashion sense??



T-shirt: Forever 21 – $4 | Belt: thrifted – $2 | Skirt: via thredUP – $1 | ShoesHush Puppies – $70 | Total = $77
I wore this a couple weekends ago when Chase and I were running errands and shopping. Now that this guy has a job with a business dress code, we’re starting to realize a work wardrobe solely based on H&M isn’t going to last very long. So we went to Nordstrom during their anniversary sale and bumped into an internet friend of mine, Kali!! She used to have a fashion blog and is a photographer in Stockton. We’ve been talking about getting together so it was so funny to see her out of the blue. She’s the sweetest and it was so great to finally meet her in person. Even Grey couldn’t get enough of her! 🙂

P.S. ThredUP gave me a coupon code to share with new customers. Enter CM35 at check-out to get 35% off and free shipping!! Or use this link to get $10 off your first purchase (no free shipping). Unfortunately, you can’t use both deals! The code expires at the end of the month so getitgetit.


Puppy Chic by Rebecca

Top: Target (similar) | Skirt: DIY (similar) | Jacket: Zara (similar) | Sunglasses: RayBan (similar)

Grizz, the ever growing 10-week-old bullmastiff, was over on the other side of the yard doing what he does best (going to the bathroom) when he decided to join in the photo fest. So to those of you who love puppies, you’re welcome. Now you can stare at his cute face instead of studying the transparency of this skirt. And to those of you who don’t love puppies, I’m sorry. That must be a very sad existence.


When it’s nice to have a sister

Button-up shirt: from my sister | T-shirt: Shade Clothing maternity – $8 (similar) | Necklacec/o Max and Chloe | Jeans: skinnied Levi’s Curve -$70 | Shoes: Target – gift (similar) | Total = $87
My sister sometimes buys clothes from those online Asian stores where shipping is like $50 for one item. And then they suck you in by making you add 10 more things to your cart to lower shipping to a penny. You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, sometimes those clothes are hit-or-miss. And sometimes your sister gives you the misses. And you like them. Like this sleeveless button-up shirt. I like the added stripes and the chiffon back because summer and back sweat. (TMI?)

BONUS! My favorite family picture so far. *shakes fist*

Clothed Much is 4 years old!! (CLOSED)

I started this little blog four years ago today. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for four years!!! I’ve wanted to give up 23,987,498 times. And that’s just in the past week. This whole moving, working, and taking care of a baby thing is kind of exhausting. But somehow I manage to make daily trips to Target. Priorities, people.

I look like a baby!!! So basically the same.

Anyway, enough about me and Target (actually I take that last part back), let’s talk about YOU. I wanted to do an anniversary giveaway to thank you all for reading and putting up with me. If you just started reading, oh, you’ll see… Up for grabs is a $50 gift card to any store of your choice!! All you have to do is proclaim your love for me. Just kidding. That’s creepy. Just follow Clothed Much via Bloglovin’Facebook, or Twitter to enter! If you do all three, you’ll get more chances to win… Did I confuse you yet? Good. Take luck!

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How to Dress Your Postpartum Body

I am finally out of the 4th trimester, the three months after the baby is born. I’m not gonna lie – those three months were tough emotionally, physically, and mentally. I knew my body wouldn’t be the same, but it was still a reality check to be in a body that didn’t feel like mine. I mean I just had a baby, why was I being so hard on myself? The human body is beautiful. The postpartum body is beautiful. And I wanted to dress to accentuate that beauty, while camouflaging the inevitable pooch.

Here are some tips I’ve learned while dressing my postpartum body…

The easiest way to dress your postpartum body? LEGGINGS!!!! The best part about having maternity leggings during your pregnancy is you can wear them after very comfortably. But please make sure your crotch and butt are covered and we can’t see your underwear through it. That’s three of my pet peeves and obviously you must appease me at all times. If you don’t have any shirts that are long enough, try maternity t-shirts! I still wear mine regularly. They’re roomy and a little longer than regular shirts. Check and check.
For a dressier option, peplum tops are so great at disguising the pooch! It flares at just the right spot (below your rib cage) and gives you that hour glass figure. So far I’ve paired it with boyfriend jeans and a fitted skirt.
Along the same lines, there are the full and A-line skirts. When they’re placed at the smallest part of your body, they create a more exaggerated hour glass figure than the peplum top. If your skirt isn’t full enough, you can wear another full skirt underneath! Hopefully, it’s not too hot and you have a sweatfest down there because that’s just gross.
Here’s an outfit combination to remember:  loose top + loose pants. It sounds big and messy, but with the right accessories it can work! Think eye-catching jewelry and shoes. It also helps to wear a print on top so the eyes are distracted by its busy-ness.
Loose pants also include boyfriend jeans! My favorite!! I had to buy a bigger size to accommodate my new curvalicious body. If you’re worried about not being able to wear bigger jeans when you get down to your pre-pregnancy weight, you can take the waist in or use the Instant Button.
Dresses. Other than being super easy, they can make or break you. That’s why God invented the Spanx. I most definitely wore shapewear with that white dress!! Accentuate your waist with a belt. Make sure it doesn’t blend into your dress so it creates that pop against the dress like I did in both of these outfits with the contrast of dark and light.
What are some of your tips on dressing a post-pregnancy body?

Alt Summit Fashion Trends by Courtney

Hey guys! I’m Courtney, but you can call me Ceebee, and I am excited to be one of the street style photography contributors for Clothed Much. I’m based here in Salt Lake City, so when I heard about Alt Summit, I just knew I had to be there. Alt Summit is a workshop for bloggers and creative people galore. From classes, to fancy parties, to networking, I knew everyone would be rocking some high end fashion trends. So I grabbed my camera one of the days to document some fun styles I saw.


This fancy lady, is Caroline Armelle, of Armelle blog. The big trend I saw was printed pants! Can’t get enough of these ones, and Caroline is rocking them. Pair it with a bright colored top, and you are set to look fabulous.

The highlight of Alt was meeting the amazing Brooke White of The Girls with Glasses Show! I caught Brooke on her cozy outfit day, but it’s so perfect for winter. Chunky sweater and printed leggings, what more could you want?

This pretty lady is Lexi Ward from The Proper Pinwheel. Fur was another must at Alt. Whether it was a cute fur coat, or a simple adorable fur scarf, you looked fab. Paired with her bright colored pants, animal sweater, and top knot made one great look.
Meet adorable Miss Kelly Lanza from Studio DIY. She is rocking those heart printed pants. And who doesn’t love a sweater over a collared shirt? Top it off my personal favorite accessory… a bow! Definitely loved her J Crew style.
I had a blast watching the daily fashion show that went on at Alt, and hope you all gained some tips on these hot blogger clothing trends!

How To Make a Tulle Bow Tank by Kristina

I know the basic tank is the sartorial equivalent of comfort food, but for whatever reason, I always have more basics than I need, so here’s a project I came up with when I opened my dresser and realized how many plain, white tanks kept falling out. Just a sprinkling of DIY fairy dust will help your tank bring sparkle and pizzaz to your holiday outfits.

Looking for more DIY bows? Check out these tutorials:

Easy, Modest Halloween Costume Ideas from Your Closet

I always hated the idea of going out to buy a whole new costume that I was only going to wear once…as well as buying little things that I’ll never use again just to make a Halloween costume perfect. I’m too cheap and practical to have fun. I’m all about using what you already have in your closet and being creative with it!

Last year my Halloween costume was CoCo Chanel…if she were Asian, that is. It was SO easy: LBD, lots of pearls, and a short, wavy bob with big sunglasses.

I’m not sure if I’m going to dress up this year because I don’t like to have fun. But, here are some easy and last-minute Halloween costume ideas from all over the internet I picked out for you…

via Real Simple


Get a cardboard box and cut out a frame-shape as big as you want, probably bigger than your face, and decorate it to look like a frame. You can hold the frame up or find a way to attach it to yourself.
You can do all sorts with this like glamour shots by Deb, 80s, 90s, vintage style…
via Her Campus

Dry Cleaning

Wear something businessy and put a clear trash bag over it with holes for your head and arms. Attach a hanger to your head.
via LilSugar

Got Milk?

Wear all black and don a white mustache whether it’s from makeup or a piece of paper. Then grab a clear (plastic) cup and fill it with anything white. You can paint the inside of it white or tape white paper around it.

via Cleveland Women


Get an old white sheet/pillowcase/trash bag and scrunch up newspaper at the bottom. Attach some thick string (if you don’t have any string, use masking tape halved) and attach a print-out of a tea bag label at the end of it. Wear black underneath.

via Real Simple

Fork in the Road

Wear all black. Use white/yellow tape (or tape pieces of paper) down your shirt. Tape a plastic fork under one of those pieces!
via keiko lynn

Morton Salt Girl

I think this is such a cute one! Wear a yellow dress and gray/white tights if you have ’em with yellow/black flats. Black umbrella. Bonus points if you have a case of Morton Salt!
via Ecouterre

Brawny Girl

Red buffalo plaid shirt, jeans, brown belt, and brown lace up boots. Almost every girl has these in her closet! (Except me..) Don’t forget your roll of paper towels!!

via What I Wore

Flight Attendant

This is such a cute and simple look and I especially love Jessica’s example! White shirt, printed scarf, low bun, pencil skirt, lipstick, and heels. Can’t forget your suitcase..
via IMDB

Orbit Gum Girl

Perfect for blondes! Wear a white skirt suit and a blue scarf around your neck. Show off those pearly whites and that gum!

20 Weeks: Tie It in a Knot

Gap dress I cut to be a top, $8 (similar); leopard print dress I cut to be a skirt via an online Asian boutique (similar); glitter booties c/o Wanted Shoes

Now that I’m finding less and less shirts that cover my belly, I’ve been tying them in a knot above the bump, which is also right below my boobs. These knots are conveniently placed to make you think from a distance that I have a third boob. I’ve gotten quite the stares from passerbys…(like that girl behind me! I see you!) You’d also think that this would convince me to stop tying my shirts into knots but…nah. My running out of clothes > possible third boob.

I’m so glad I lengthened the slip underneath!! ..even if it is uneven…but you can’t tell from this angle so all’s well.

Also, there’s been a few design changes to the blog! (If you’re reading from a reader, click through and take a gander.) Like new header, new navigation bar, new color, recent outfits on the right, and navigation and additional info at the bottom of the blog. WHEW. I like where it’s going. Not sure if it’s there yet. But, then again I don’t think it’ll ever be there. I get too antsy and always want to change something!!

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