Party Ideas For Teenage Girls!

Most parents would be forgiven for thinking that organizing a girls’ party is a creative nightmare. While finding inspiration is a little challenging to begin with, once you get the ball rolling those creative juices will keep flowing. Here are four girls party ideas anybody can try, with very little effort.

Teen girls party ideas

  • Fairy Party

Girls of most ages are enticed with fairies. However, those above eight are most likely to enjoy a fairy themed party, as that is the perfect age for make-believe. In order to organize a fairy themed party, think about the colors and entertainment that can set the scene. Organza fabric covered with fairy lights can create the illusion of tiny fairies dotted around the room. Encourage the guests to engage in fairy activities, such as painting their own fairy houses, or adorning themselves with glitter make-up. As far as the food is concerned, you should aim for pink drinks and glittery cupcakes.

  • Grease Party

Grease patties are best suited to older kids, and they are likely to be a hit with relatives of all ages. When writing out the party invitations, expressly state that Grease is the party theme, and ask the guests to arrive dressed as their favorite character. To set the right ambiance, break out the Grease soundtrack, mixed with some songs from the fifties era. It is possible to keep teens entertained using Grease-themed games. This can include quizzes and dancing competitions. Finally, set up a retro pic ‘n’ mix buffet, complete with retro carnival decorations.

  • Vintage Tea Party

Vintage themes are suitable for kids of all ages. While younger kids enjoy the dainty nature of vintage themes, teenagers Pamper parties enjoy the stylish element. To set the scene, use doilies to decorate the table, white lace fabric, mint green colors, and delicate bunting. If your party is being held indoors, create an indoor garden using floor pillows and picnic rugs. If it is warm enough to hold the party outdoors, set up a designated party area using a gazebo and fairy lights.

  • Glee Party

Glee has taken the 21st-century pre-teen and teenage world by storm. Over the course of four dazzling seasons, they have covered songs in ways that thousands of teenagers dream of. A Glee girls party ideas can be executed using karaoke, the Glee soundtrack, and glitzy make-up. When writing out the invitations, encourage the guests to wear the same stage costumes the Glee cast were when performing at regional competitions.

  • Birthday Party Ideas For Teenage Girls!

Teenagers can be difficult to deal with as they are at a very delicate age where they cannot be treated as children & neither as adults. Deciding on the things that teenagers like can be even more confusing as their choices & desires keep changing very frequently, especially evident with teenage girls. So how exactly do you plan something for them if you aren’t sure of their likes & dislikes, like a birthday party or for birthday gifts? A birthday party is a very important event for any teenage girl & that’s why it’s important to host a proper birthday party for them as parents. So if in case you have a teenage daughter & are looking for some unique ideas for her birthday party, do go through our article;

  1.  Spa themed birthday party – Perfect for teenage girls as they get to attend a party as well as a chance to pamper themselves! For this birthday party, you can call in some spa professionals who can pamper your girl’s friends for the evening. This party can even be scheduled at a local salon but do make sure to check for details regarding the salon. As return birthday gifts, you can even give away a kit containing basic manicure as well as pedicure essentials which are sure to impress her friends & remember the party!
  2. A slumber party – This is another great birthday party idea for teenage girls as slumber parties are something that every teenager enjoys. Have a party on the eve of your daughter’s birthday & carry it on throughout the night. Arrange for party snacks & party food & of course a birthday cake at midnight! Have a nail art competition or something like a storytelling competition that would keep the girls up. Also, arrange for comfortable bedding & seating arrangements for the girls. You can give the girls some books on stories for teenagers as return birthday gifts.
  3.  Movie night themed birthday Celebration – A movie night birthday Celebration is also an idea worth trying out! You can actually have celebration invites similar to movie tickets & call in all her close friends & arrange for a movie or several movie screenings. Accompany that with some splendid snacks & the birthday cake & you should be ready to enjoy! An added bonus if you offer popcorn in several flavors. You can arrange this party outdoors in your gardens or a backyard if you have one & arrange for movie screens & play the movie when it nears dusk.
  4. Social media themed Celebration – A social themed birthday Celebration is another great idea for teenage girls. Have the usual celebration complete with party supplies & snacks & birthday cake! The thing that will make this party stand out is to arrange for a professional photo shoot. Have a professional photographer to the party & have him hand out instant photos of your daughter & her friends so that they can upload them on their social media! This Birthday Celebration is definitely one to remember & a hit with teenage girls

So make your teenage daughter’s birthday Celebration an affair that she is happy to talk about & one that she will cherish & remember!

These parties can all be carried out with a little external help too. Pampering is a great way to bring these fantasies alive. With makeup and hair routines, children and teenagers can transform into their favorite characters for an afternoon, adopt a princess-like appearance, or become a fairy. When the day arrives, make sure you capture plenty of memories. To do that, consider using a Polaroid camera, which gives your guests something special to go home with.


Halloween is a fun-filled special holiday for kids as they get to wear ugly, spooky, strange, beautiful, grotesque costumes of their favorite characters.

During Halloween kids also move door to door collecting sweets or selling cookies for fun. This provides an opportunity for youngsters to display their costumes and collect as many goodies as they can. Children also entertain with their hobbies and talents such as performing tricks, singing songs, telling jokes, play musical instruments or any other talent the kids may have, and in return, the house owner will give them candies as treat.

The 31st of October, Halloween beckons, your 11 yr old girl asks what she will wear. Well, don’t worry girls that age like bubbly cute looking outfits.

Halloween was celebrated in order to ward off ghosts but with the modern times that has changed as it’s now more fun and engaging. Halloween costumes in the modern century have newer fashion trend, therefore, you should consider that when choosing a costume for your 11 yr old.

The weather should be considered before dressing the child since cold weather requires heavy clothing while on warm days light clothing is best.

Cold weather demand heavy clothing, therefore, you should consider hoodies with animal prints, scary looking cartoon characters, accessories should be shiny and compliment the jacket.

Skinny jeans and leggings with skeletons prints should also come in handy. Dm boots or their favorite athlete snickers should also complete their outfit. Police-themed outfits would also appeal to 11 yr old girl.

On warm nights there is a lot to choose from a variety. Pirate themed dresses fit the occasion perfectly. Clown styled clothes are also a factor when dressing your girl. A fruit-themed outfit such as apple-shaped dresses and pumpkin prints. Rainbow fluffy themed dresses with bright showing colors. Crop tops Birthday costume fitted clothes also ideal masks and hats. Fake tattoos with creepy goofy looking cartoon characters. Mary themed costumes may also be used during this occasion.

Another aspect to include during Halloween is the makeup. Makeup should be done by either a professional or by an amateur, in this case, a guardian or the parent.

Makeup highlights the beauty and also brings out the ugly scary and horrifying, making the event appear glamorous. Fake blood is the most commonly used. Fake eyelashes, fake rotting wounds, fake deep cuts elongated nails and smeared paints on faces.

Wigs and weaves of different colors may be used together with the clothing to show different fantasy colors as well as highlight the character being portrayed by the youngster girl.

Eleven-year-old girls would also like to be dressed like their favorite idols. Rihanna, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga is such a good example. Lady Gaga once wore Givenchy glittering gown.

Other girls may wear music themed dresses and outfits. Hard rock followers wear dark themed clothes, heavy dark makeup, lots of piercing, metallic chains, and high soled black shoes.

When dressing teenage girl during Halloween you may consider traditional culture themed dresses. Chinese, early 19th century clothes examples cheongsam and lotus shoes.

Hipster fashion Oldies 90s themed outfits may also be used such as the bell bottomed jeans afro wigs and cool looking shades.

Girls go can as a vampire for Halloween. She can wear a traditional gothic costume or a more modern vampire outfit modeled after her favorite vampire movie or novel can also be dressed as a nerd with a simple looking pair of jeans and pair of large spectacles.

Girls can also be dressed in movie-themed dresses such as the mummy, the wolf costume, superhero costume such as Catwoman and angel based. Barbie doll with short skimpy dress high boots with a lot of makeup. Inflatable costumes that may be designed in alligator or unicorn types.

The safety of the child is also to be considered when dressing the youngster. Props such as knives and swords are dangerous weapons that might other children, therefore, adults are required to keep an eye on the teenagers and ensure that accidents don’t happen .

Fireproof clothing may be used to ensure that children clothes are fireproof. Paints that can be easily wiped off and allergic free to the child should be used. Masks should be properly fitted comfortably and itch free. Light clothing should also be inside the outfit to ensure the warmth of the child and none exposure to the weather elements.

Halloween accessories such as tiara, skulls and head gears should have softer edges to ensure that the safety of the other kids is well adhered to.

Teenage girls can also be dressed in cartoon characters costume animal costume such as leopard ears and cat ears. They can also dress up as their favorite sports heroes and athletes. Witches such as wizard of oz, Harry Potter’s character and their stuff. The teenage world is full fantasy characters they should be able to choose their best well-illustrated characters. Comic-loving teenage girls can also dress up as their idols such as Wonder women shield and her whip of truth. Teenage girls who love wrestling characters on WWE divas characters such as Sasha.

The teenage world is full fantasy characters they should be able to choose their best well-illustrated characters. Comic-loving teenage girls can also dress up as their idols such as Wonder women shield and her whip of truth. Teenage girls who love wrestling characters on WWE divas characters such as Sasha.

Guardians of the teenage daughter should also engage with the teenager to know what best suits her in order to bring out the best out of the girl.

Twins, triplets also be dressed alike to bring to show uniformity and unity. Teenage girls get emotional and have a lot of guardians should also consider their behavior.

Guardians should also consider the issues arising now as a result of Halloween costumes. Fears and phobia arise from this costume, therefore, children rights should be respected.

Sexualizing of female characters is also an emerging issue that ought to be considered when dressing the female teenager. Dressing inappropriately is bound to initiate problems and initiate moral debates. Weaponized accessories should not be used to encourage violent acts but simply used as tools of entertainment.

Teenage girls are sensitive they should be guided to grow intellectually, spiritually, physically, morally and mentally. Dressing teenage girl should be a challenge and also a fun activity.

A guide to the best color block dresses of all time

Are you open to channeling your maximalist side?

Well, if you are then prints and bold colors are the way to go. Fold and put away the usual neutral colors and add some character to your dress code.

Block dresses are the best option if you are thinking of adding some color to your wardrobe. Switch up your casual single colored sweater dresses with a burst of color. Block dresses are captivating and very unique.

This guide will give you an outlook on the best color block dresses of all time.

The beauty of color block dresses

Are you trying to create an illusion of a slim waist or a curvy body? This fit takes advantage of shapes to create the right illusion. Most of the time the shape is filled in with a slimming color such as a black; it could be a black bold line or black squares on the sides of the dress that creates the illusion of a slim waist.

It is clear that dark colors and black absorb light making them good for camouflage. This is known as receding. They recede by shrinking or hiding parts of the body that you do not want to draw attention to such as thick thighs, thick hips or a tummy. The beauty about color block dresses is that you could get a dress that has black or a dark color in the area that you want to shrink. This creates comfort and will definitely boost your self-esteem.

On the other hand, bright or light colors advance or highlight an area. This will draw attention to the area making it appear larger. You have the power to mix dark and bright colors to give you any illusion that you want Only color block dresses can help you control this illusion.

The Nine Best color block dresses of all time

  1. Color block dresses with creative line. They are artistic and have the ability to create a tall and slimming illusion depending on how the lines run. They are colorful and keep a person’s eyes engaged. This means that they draw focus away from a single trouble area on the body. It is good for hiding a tummy and thick thighs.
  2. Color block dresses that are black and white. This dress is good for camouflaging an area and highlighting another. It is good for people who want to create a curvy illusion. The white section will highlight and enlarge, while the black section will reduce. It works well for women with thick thighs and smaller chests, and vice versa.
  3. The classic color block dress. What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘color block’? Many colors, right? Well, this is the classic color block. As you choose the best color block dress in this section, make sure that the area you want to highlight most has a bright color. Most of the dresses in this section have brighter colors around the shoulders and neck area. This is good for those who want to bring some attention to their face. The darker colors are mostly found in the mid-section.
  4. Color block dress with geometrical lines. These are very common. They have geometrical lines and shapes such as a square, triangle, and a rhombus, among others. All these perform different functions. Most of the time, triangles are used to create a slimming illusion and are located at the mid-section. The square and rhombus are mainly used for on the chest and lower part of the dress to create an illusion of a curvy body. Thick black or dark lines are used at the waist to give an illusion of a small waist.
  5. Tri-color blocking dresses. This dress is good for people who are uncomfortable with wearing multi-colored clothes. They have three colors that are perfectly blended in with geometrical lines and shapes to distinguish each color. These are good for sweater dresses and occasions that do not need a lot of dressing effort.
  6. Vertical color block dresses. These dresses are commonly used for official occasions. Normally, the dress has colors that run vertically and are strategically placed to meet the needs of the person wearing it. For example, the dress could be red and have black running on its sides. If the wearer wants to seem more slim, the black or dark color on the sides will give an illusion of a slim body and will blend well with the bright color at the center as it does this.
  7. Twist color block dress. A twist color block dress has a twist at the front center that gives the dress a little shape. It is good for pairing two colors. The colors should come from a similar category such as bright, dark, or neutral. This is the best color block dress for making an impression. It works well for all body types and is good for making statements. For example, you could pair peach with carnation or watermelon. It flows with the silhouette making the wearer look attractive and boosts confidence. It could be short or long depending on the impression you seek to make. Thus, it is good for dates, high class occasions and casual occasions.
  8. Zipped color block dress. Dresses in this category appear a little bit sporty and are best for outdoor occasions such as picnics. They focus on comfort rather than playing with illusions and making statements. This makes them good for family gatherings and going about your daily chores.
  9. Mini color block dress. The beauty about this dress is that it fits all weather. During the summer and spring, it works well when worn alone with sandals, closed-toe shoes or boots. On the other hand, during the winter and autumn season it could be paired over a pair of jeans or bold colored pants. This versatility makes it good for traveling and controlling hoarding.

As you can see, color block dresses are fit for any occasion, body type, season and mood. You no longer have to worry about feeling uncomfortable with your body type; let color block dresses work out all the kinks. Get in touch with your inner maximalist and switch up your wardrobe with a range of the best color block dresses in history. Dressing up just became a little more fun.