Halloween is a fun-filled special holiday for kids as they get to wear ugly, spooky, strange, beautiful, grotesque costumes of their favorite characters. During Halloween kids also move door to door collecting sweets or selling cookies for fun. This provides an opportunity for youngsters to display their costumes and collect as many goodies as they … Read moreHALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR GIRLS AGE 11

When it’s nice to have a sister

Button-up shirt: from my sister | T-shirt: Shade Clothing maternity – $8  | Necklace: c/o Max and Chloe | Jeans: skinnied Levi’s Curve -$70 | Shoes: Target – gift | Total = $87 My sister sometimes buys clothes from those online Asian stores where shipping is like $50 for one item. And then they suck you in by making you add 10 more things to your cart … Read moreWhen it’s nice to have a sister

How to Dress Your Postpartum Body

I am finally out of the 4th trimester, the three months after the baby is born. I’m not gonna lie – those three months were tough emotionally, physically, and mentally. I knew my body wouldn’t be the same, but it was still a reality check to be in a body that didn’t feel like mine. I mean I just had … Read moreHow to Dress Your Postpartum Body

Alt Summit Fashion Trends by Courtney

Hey guys! I’m Courtney, but you can call me Ceebee, and I am excited to be one of the street style photography contributors for Clothed Much. I’m based here in Salt Lake City, so when I heard about Alt Summit, I just knew I had to be there. Alt Summit is a workshop for bloggers and creative people … Read moreAlt Summit Fashion Trends by Courtney