When it’s nice to have a sister

Button-up shirt: from my sister | T-shirt: Shade Clothing maternity – $8  | Necklace: c/o Max and Chloe | Jeans: skinnied Levi’s Curve -$70 | Shoes: Target – gift | Total = $87
My sister sometimes buys clothes from those online Asian stores where shipping is like $50 for one item. And then they suck you in by making you add 10 more things to your cart to lower shipping to a penny. You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, sometimes those clothes are hit-or-miss. And sometimes your sister gives you the misses. And you like them. Like this sleeveless button-up shirt. I like the added stripes and the chiffon back because summer and back sweat. (TMI?)
BONUS! My favorite family picture so far. *shakes fist*

Clothed Much is 4 years old!! (CLOSED)

I started this little blog four years ago today. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for four years!!! I’ve wanted to give up 23,987,498 times. And that’s just in the past week. This whole moving, working, and taking care of a baby thing is kind of exhausting. But somehow I manage to make daily trips to Target. Priorities, people.

I look like a baby!!! So basically the same.

Anyway, enough about me and Target (actually I take that last part back), let’s talk about YOU. I wanted to do an anniversary giveaway to thank you all for reading and putting up with me. If you just started reading, oh, you’ll see… Up for grabs is a $50 gift card to any store of your choice!! All you have to do is proclaim your love for me. Just kidding. That’s creepy. Just follow Clothed Much via Bloglovin’Facebook, or Twitter to enter! If you do all three, you’ll get more chances to win… Did I confuse you yet? Good. Take luck!

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How to Dress Your Postpartum Body

I am finally out of the 4th trimester, the three months after the baby is born. I’m not gonna lie – those three months were tough emotionally, physically, and mentally. I knew my body wouldn’t be the same, but it was still a reality check to be in a body that didn’t feel like mine. I mean I just had a baby, why was I being so hard on myself? The human body is beautiful. The postpartum body is beautiful. And I wanted to dress to accentuate that beauty, while camouflaging the inevitable pooch.

Here are some tips I’ve learned while dressing my postpartum body…

The easiest way to dress your postpartum body? LEGGINGS!!!! The best part about having maternity leggings during your pregnancy is you can wear them after very comfortably. But please make sure your crotch and butt are covered and we can’t see your underwear through it. That’s three of my pet peeves and obviously you must appease me at all times. If you don’t have any shirts that are long enough, try maternity t-shirts! I still wear mine regularly. They’re roomy and a little longer than regular shirts. Check and check.
For a dressier option, peplum tops are so great at disguising the pooch! It flares at just the right spot (below your rib cage) and gives you that hour glass figure. So far I’ve paired it with boyfriend jeans and a fitted skirt.
Along the same lines, there are the full and A-line skirts. When they’re placed at the smallest part of your body, they create a more exaggerated hour glass figure than the peplum top. If your skirt isn’t full enough, you can wear another full skirt underneath! Hopefully, it’s not too hot and you have a sweatfest down there because that’s just gross.
Here’s an outfit combination to remember:  loose top + loose pants. It sounds big and messy, but with the right accessories it can work! Think eye-catching jewelry and shoes. It also helps to wear a print on top so the eyes are distracted by its busy-ness.
Loose pants also include boyfriend jeans! My favorite!! I had to buy a bigger size to accommodate my new curvalicious body. If you’re worried about not being able to wear bigger jeans when you get down to your pre-pregnancy weight, you can take the waist in or use the Instant Button.
Dresses. Other than being super easy, they can make or break you. That’s why God invented the Spanx. I most definitely wore shapewear with that white dress!! Accentuate your waist with a belt. Make sure it doesn’t blend into your dress so it creates that pop against the dress like I did in both of these outfits with the contrast of dark and light.
What are some of your tips on dressing a post-pregnancy body?