Ruche Necklace and Ring Giveaway (CLOSED)

Ruche was started and is owned by a couple, Mai and Josh Olivo. They both left their corporate jobs three years ago to pursue this cute vintage-yet-modern online boutique! It’s like a dream come true…except for the no sleeping part. Ruche is a collaboration of everything that has inspired [them] – fashion, photography, design, and lifestyle. {source} They even … Read moreRuche Necklace and Ring Giveaway (CLOSED)

YOUR Rules Broken

​   Wearing black and brown together Wearing more than one showcase item at one time Wearing black and brown together ​   Wearing statement piece with more than one accessory Mixing dressy and casual Mixing different patterns ​   Wearing green and red together Wearing black, white, and purple together Wearing khaki and white together Wearing black, brown, and … Read moreYOUR Rules Broken

Didn’t you wear those jeans yesterday?

I just ate way too much pizza for one person…and put way too much garlic on it. Chase and I are making out………never.  I originally wanted to wear this white button-up with Chase’s cardigan. But it didn’t feel right. Probably because it’s made for a man and not a petite Asian…girl. So I went for the fitted cardigan with loose … Read moreDidn’t you wear those jeans yesterday?

Edelweiss by Sarah Giveaway (CLOSED)

Edelweiss by Sarah is a newly developed brand from New York City that just launched in 2008. Sarah is inspired by her own German heritage and 1940s Hollywood glamour. You can see from her collections her modern approach to vintage style. She also has the most amazing credentials… She’s worked under fashion elites such as Vena Cava, Elise Overland, and Maggie Norris … Read moreEdelweiss by Sarah Giveaway (CLOSED)