Clothed Much is 4 years old!! (CLOSED)

I started this little blog four years ago today. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for four years!!! I’ve wanted to give up 23,987,498 times. And that’s just in the past week. This whole moving, working, and taking care of a baby thing is kind of exhausting. But somehow I manage to make daily trips to Target. Priorities, people.

I look like a baby!!! So basically the same.

Anyway, enough about me and Target (actually I take that last part back), let’s talk about YOU. I wanted to do an anniversary giveaway to thank you all for reading and putting up with me. If you just started reading, oh, you’ll see… Up for grabs is a $50 gift card to any store of your choice!! All you have to do is proclaim your love for me. Just kidding. That’s creepy. Just follow Clothed Much via Bloglovin’Facebook, or Twitter to enter! If you do all three, you’ll get more chances to win… Did I confuse you yet? Good. Take luck!

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