Hi, welcome to my modest fashion blog! I started Clothed Much in 2009 when I was a poor, married college student with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I realized the irony in this, and in an attempt to be more resourceful, I sought to be creative with what I already had instead of making rash and frequent purchases. (I mainly resorted to thrift and consignment stores to fix that inevitable shopping itch.) Well, it’s four years later and our family is still on a veryveryvery tight budget. During that time, I’ve done plenty of closet editing and adopted a minimalist fashion approach to my style.


Melissa is a dental student living in Southern California. She makes frequent trips to Northern California to visit her medical student husband. They are happy parents to their Sharpei-Pit Gracie. Melissa is crazy about Goldfish crackers, her husband, neon, Korean BBQ, and brushing her teeth – it was an omen. You can follow her and her husband’s adventures on their blog.


Kristina Clemens lives in the Midwest with her husband, three exceptionally active children, and a giant of a dog named Zeus. She is a self-proclaimed Starbucks enthusiast. Her creative non-fiction book, After Nathaniel, was released early this year. She also has a DIY style book, The Chic Girl’s Guide, that is available now. If you can’t get enough of her DIYs, follow her blog here.


Tiffany Tong lives in the Bay Area in California with her husband, the human GPS. She is obsessed with froyo, garlic noodles, kimchi with pineapples, and eyebrows. When she was 14, she learned how to do a back flip from the original black Power Ranger. Find out more about her at House of Tong.


Emily is a newlywed, pug-loving, photographer now living in Provo, Utah. She can quote the entire Lizzie McGuire Movie and most songs by Celine Dion. When asked, her husband described her as “Loves anything cute. Easy going, yet shy. Also, small.” See more of her beautiful photography at her site!


Rebecca is an account manager for an infomercial production agency in Denver, Colorado. She bakes treats frequently and is addicted to chapstick. She and her husband enjoy watching sports and Netflix and spending time with the massive amount of family that live near by. You can find her blogging at Rebecca with an R.


Rebekkah Celeste is a makeup and beauty blogger who does makeup tutorials on Youtube. She never leaves the house without her eyebrows done. When she’s not obsessing with makeup, she likes to eat, think, and talk about food! Visit her blog for more everyday makeup.