Mormon Fashion Bloggers

1. i believe in unicorns. 2. The Pretty Life Anonymous
3. Wearing It On My Sleeves 4. How Not to Dress Like a Mom
5. cotton and curls 6. The House of Shoes.
7. The Mrs. & the MOMMA 8. Rachel Sayumi
9. Pretty, Polished, Perfect. 10. Head Over Heels
11. Haircut and General Attitude 12. Harley and Jane
13. lace, etc. 14. Dearest Lou
15. Plane Pretty 16. Fashions on the Fly
17. Run Style Run 18. Things Like Skeleton Keys, and Me
19. Gingersnap 20. watch out for the woestmans
21. All Dressed Up 22. Flats to Flipflops
23. G.B.O. Fashion 24. Suz and Viv
25. Moiology 26. Stylin’ Mommies
27. My Own Sweet Scoops 28. Bridgette Nicole
29. Method Clothe 30. The DayLee Journal
31. de l’Etoile 32. life of a passeri
33. Love & Such 34. love me, dani marie
35. The Pink Wings 36. CourtneyPruitt
37. Rasberry Glow 38. Everyday Reading
39. Auteur Ariel 40. bow & twine
41. Jessica Jean 42. Janelle In Real Life
43. Fred Rongo 44. get pretty with lara
45. Sincerely, Emily 46. My Simple Modest Chic
47. Cable Car Couture 48. Modern Mommy by Jenifer
49. North Carolina Grown 50. Love, The Skinnys

Want to be on the list? Here’s the low down…

  1. You must be a Mormon
  2. You must be an active blogger with a public (for everyone to read) fashion, lifestyle, or personal blog.
  3. You must have high-resolution, head-to-toe images in your outfit posts with outfit details at least once a month. Failure to post an outfit for the month will result in immediate removal from the MFB list.
  4. You must display one of the MFB buttons on your blog home page sidebars, not at the bottom of your blog, a post, or subpage.
  5. If this is you, please email me.

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