How to Look Good in Mom-Shorts

Despite my past endeavor in trying knee-length shorts, I didn’t want it to be a one-time thing since I’m all about modesty or something. Here are three more looks with my mom-shorts:

I paired my gray shorts with my yellow striped top. I always thought gray and yellow looked great together. Then I added my blue sequin flats…because blue and yellow go together too. At the last minute, I threw on my pearl necklaces that you can’t see here but I really am wearing them.

Gap Outlet tee, $7; Gap shorts, $11; Report sequin flats, $14; faux pearl necklace, $5; secondhand white necklace, $.75

That sweet husband of mine sure knows how to capture me at my prettiest. This is my favorite look of the three. The trick is to make sure the shirt is fitted to offset the loose shorts. I could have rolled up my sleeves but I thought with that and the shorts rolled up would make me look like I was on Gilligan’s Island. I added some black and gold to the mix to make it a classic look.

secondhand NY&C shirt; F21 necklace, $8; thrifted belt, $1; Gap shorts, $11; flats from the Philippines, $7

I wore this yesterday. I like teals and blues with gray hues. I also like yellow with teals/blues. And you know I had to add sequins in…

secondhand F21 tee, $7; yellow bauble necklace; Gap shorts, $11; F21 sequin flats, $5
  • Try shorts with a looser fit and roll up the hems.
  • Wear fitted tops.
  • Make it feminine – I added necklaces and sequins. Make sure your necklaces complement the neckline of your top too. For instance, you don’t want to wear a choker necklace with a top with a low neckline. Or if you do, that’s cool.
  • Pair your shorts with complementary colors…especially if you don’t want the focus to be on your bottom half.

Classic Chambray and Black

leopard print scarf via ebay, $8; thrifted Gap chambray shirt, $3; Forever 21 pleated skirt; Fitzwell flats, $76

Was inspired by another pin for this outfit. Loved the casual effortlessness of the chambray with the black pleats.

Also, I was experimenting with how to tie my scarf in the first pic. Not sure if I like it yet… Anyone know what that knot is called? Just saw it floating around Pinterest and thought I’d give it a go!

Happy Mix

First of all, you guys… Thank you for ALL of your comments, suggestions, stories, support, and love from my adult acne post. I was quite literally shaking with anxiety a whole day before it was even posted! I kept contemplating whether I was ready to reveal so much of myself…an ugly side no less. But I hated feeling alone through this. I felt like everyone had great, perfect complexion except for me. I realize how ridiculous that is now.. We’re all in this together (or were for the lucky ones!) If you know of anyone who is suffering from adult acne, please direct them to that post and let them know they are not alone, that they are beautiful, that their skin doesn’t define them. Now back to regular programming..

leopard print scarf via ebay, $8 ; thrifted Old Navy cardigan, $4; modified Forever 21 skirt, $7 ; Fitzwellflats, $76

I’ve been avoiding cardigans lately… Maybe I cardiganed myself out? But when I saw this color peeking out from the sea of monstrous grandma prints at the thrift store, I had to snatch it! Plus, how else could I have recreated this J.Crew fall look kinda sorta?? They had me at chartreuse, stripes, and leopard…which is essentially everything. Let’s consider this the younger sister version of the J.Crew look… Anyway, buttoning it up all the way with a scarf (tutorial here!) to hide the v-neck makes it look like a regular loose, comfy sweater. I like! Wonder what other cardigans I can do this with…

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