When it’s nice to have a sister

Button-up shirt: from my sister | T-shirt: Shade Clothing maternity – $8  | Necklace: c/o Max and Chloe | Jeans: skinnied Levi’s Curve -$70 | Shoes: Target – gift | Total = $87
My sister sometimes buys clothes from those online Asian stores where shipping is like $50 for one item. And then they suck you in by making you add 10 more things to your cart to lower shipping to a penny. You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, sometimes those clothes are hit-or-miss. And sometimes your sister gives you the misses. And you like them. Like this sleeveless button-up shirt. I like the added stripes and the chiffon back because summer and back sweat. (TMI?)
BONUS! My favorite family picture so far. *shakes fist*



Collection B faux leather jacket, $55 (similar); necklace via sample sale, $5; secondhand JCPenney shirt via yard sale, $1 (similar); Levi’s modern demi curve skinny jeans, $70; We Love Colors socksFranco Sarto wedge booties, $32 (similar)

And my black streak continues! I loved wearing this. Can you tell from the pictures? I think it’s my NEW BLACK JEANS. Ahh!!!!! I finally retired my J Brands in my shop (Thanks, Lauren!) and bought a new pair of black skinnies.

I recently heard about Levi’s new Curve ID jeans and had to try them out. I have small hips, a huge butt, and short legs so it’s hard to find anything that fits me perfectly. I end up using the Instant Button on all my pants. So I was intrigued by these diverse curvylicious jeans. I went to a Levi’s store and tried on a million pairs in various curve jeans because I didn’t know which one I was. After an hour of frustration, I finally had someone measure me. Why I didn’t do that before is a mystery even to me. Well, I found out I’m a Demi Curve! ..and my butt looks marvelous.


  • The jeans aren’t as skinny as I had wanted so I skinnied them myself.
  • The quality is no where near J Brands.
  • This pair fits me a lot better. My thighs are happy. My waist doesn’t gape in the back.
  • My wallet thanks me.

So it’s a lose-lose-win^2-win, which is still a win to me.

Have any of you tried out the Curve jeans? Which curve are you?

Sneaker Outfits Inspiration

Gonna be walking a lot tomorrow (today) and needed some sneaker outfit inspiration. I also need sneakers.


UPDATE:  I ended up wearing the outfit below after finding these images online. I also wore this jacket but didn’t take a pic with it. I was pretty happy with how this turned out considering I hate athletic sneakers as regular attire. This may have changed my mind…but only if I can buy new kicks.

beanie c/o SLiM MotifTarget men’s sweater, $8; Hane’s men’s shirt, $9 for 8-pack; J Brand jeans, $158; Asics sneakers, $85 (similar); Michael Kors bag