How to Look like a Librarian…Kind Of

Old Navy cardigan, $17; c/o Hot Magnets flower accessory; thrifted and skinnied Target high-waist jeans, $8 (similar); JCPenney heels (similar); thrifted purse, $3 (similar)

I took these pics a while ago.. like last month. I’m good about taking outfit pics as you can see from my Instagram. It’s writing these posts that is the hard part. I mean, what am I supposed to talk about? I don’t even remember what happened the day I wore this. And I can’t recount my day today because it has nothing to do with this outfit.So, I’ll just leave you with a tip.. If you’re getting tired of your tops, wear a cardigan buttoned up…but not all the way. Unbutton the first button for a sexy librarian look. If you unbutton two or more, you’re just scandalous. Add a broach for the full librarian look (or a flower like I did here) but wear jeans to keep it cool.

Date Night by Melissa

No spark during the date? Wear a little sparkle in your belt!


Ann Taylor top; Abercrombie & Fitch jeans (similar); J.Crew shoes and belt

This is my current date night outfit. Lately, I’m loving classy, formal-looking tops dressed down with a pair of fitted jeans. It’s a great combo for a date that you don’t know how to dress for (which still happens with me and my husband). The collar is meant to be folded down, but I prefer it up.

Cute flats are a great idea to keep the outfit fun and feminine while still being able to take those long romantic walks or awkward strolls to and from restaurants……. Speaking of flats, loafers are amazing! Patterned loafers are even better. Thanks, mommy! With all one color, a pattern can really pop anywhere you have it.

Whether it’s the best night of your life or a total bust, having a versatile date night outfit makes you ready for almost everything! 😉

A Most Favorite Color Scheme by Kristine

scarf from Japan; Tulle blouse; Urban Outfitters jeans ; Seychelles shoes

I love color. Every now and then, I try to do the chic dark-neutrals look…and I like how easy it is to look put together in those colors…but it just feels wrong to me. I need color in my outfit to make me feel bright and happy!
This outfit has one of my favorite color schemes in it:  purple and red. Occasionally, I go crazy with colorblocking, but I decided to separate the two colors with jeans for a more subdued look. These red heels have been with me for the past few years or so; somehow they add a fun pop of color to almost every outfit. I think every girl should have a pair of red or red-orange shoes to spice up any blah outfit! The head scarf was added for a bit of an unexpected color. I always think it’s interesting to add an element that doesn’t quite match… (But then again, sometimes I remind myself of that crazy art teacher we all probably had in elementary school…)