Toofer (Two outfits in one)

I miss 30 Rock.. ūüôĀ Moving on… with a tear.

Blazer: Modest Mob Р$30 | Necklace: c/o Max & Chloe | Tank: J.Crew c/o thredUP (similar) | Jeans: Gap via thredUP (similar) | Sneakers: Forever 21 Р$10 (similar) | Total = $40

I wore this casual get-up a couple weekends ago when we had a sleepover at my in-laws’ house. We go there a few times each month and sometimes stay the night because it’s our second home…and they have a pool…and stocked fridge and pantry…and cable. It’s like, why did we leave again?? (To backtrack, we lived with them for a few months earlier this year while I was recovering from a C-section and so we’d have more time finding an apartment for our new family of tres.)

I realized right after I put this outfit on that I wore the same tank top and light blazer as I did here:

It just¬†goes¬†together, you know? And by “goes“, I mean that blazer is the lightest covering I have for this kind of weather. Come on…..FALL!
So I guess you can consider the outfit below as a casual after-church version??

K, moving on to the newest addition to my closet….these straight leg jeans. My very first pair. I’m calling them The New Boyfriend Jeans. They’re just as comfy but with a more fitted leg, so it doesn’t look like you’re actually wearing your boyfriend’s jeans. And they’re kind of my favorite right now and forever.

Hey! My¬†thredUP¬†code is still active! 35% off¬†and¬†free shipping for new customers when you use¬†CM35.Oh, and here are some pics of my baby in a hat because I couldn’t get enough of him on¬†my Insta. <3

And some more.¬†Story: ¬†My father-in-law thrifted this tiny armchair and bought it for Grey!! It’s the perfect size for him to lounge and watch his Saturday morning cartoons once a month and demand his milk. Please tell me I’m not the only one who sees a future teenage Grey.. Someone stop time!!!! :(:( I’m not ready.
HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Try not to die in this heat. For me.

What’s that on your head?

How do you like mah hurr? I don’t really talk like that. I was inspired by¬†Rebecca’s crown braid. I wish “inspired” meant “the same as” but it doesn’t because I’m incompetent when it comes to my hair, which is why it’s always boring straight or wavy. Anyway, she has a tutorial¬†here. Check it out. Try not to make me feel too stupid because I can’t get it.

(Don’t look too closely at my face. You’ll see my bajillion pimples. I promise I’m 23….)
I chopped up my¬†blue Gap dress¬†and turned it into a new shirt because last night I realized I didn’t have any blue t-shirts. What’s wrong with me?
Now I’m off to gorge myself with all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ with Chase and my bro. I forgot to starve myself today. I guess I’ll consider that “practice”.. Not like I need it. (That’s why I’m wearing BF jeans and a loose t-shirt… That’s me…always planning ahead.)

I’m wearing a JCPenney¬†trenchcoat¬†(free with¬†gift cards), Gap dress-now-shirt¬†($8), JCPenney¬†orange necklace¬†(free with¬†gift cards¬†–¬†buy it!), Gap Factory¬†boyfriend jeans¬†($26), and H&M¬†black flats¬†($13) with a JCPenney¬†black bag¬†(free with¬†gift cards).