The One by Rebecca

thrifted Gap shirt ; AG Stevie jeans ; Miz Mooz Katie boots; gifted scarf
My life is really just made up of an endless exploration for my next pair of shoes. And for the last two years, I have been on the hunt for the perfect boot. I promise you I have tried them all. There was even a time when I was almost desperate enough to buy myself a ridiculously expensive pair of Fryes, but those didn’t even make the cut. Well, now that I have found the perfect boot, I’m not really sure what to do with myself. I’ll be staring at the computer screen with my favorite shoe site pulled up and then realize I have nothing to look for. I have everything I need. I’ve met the one, and my search is done. Maybe I should start crocheting more now that I have all this free time..

Belt Loop Secrets by Melissa

J.Crew skirt (similar); Aldo boots ; belt from great-grandmother’s closet

I love the look of a skinny belt wrapped about a pencil skirt. It just adds extra emphasis to your waist! What I don’t love is a skinny belt that won’t stay in place. I don’t know about all of you gals but I only have ONE pencil skirt with belt loops. So after too many days constantly adjusting my belt, I decided something had to be done. With little to no skill with a sewing machine, I turn to the next best thing:  safety pins!

Keep the pin head on the inside of the skirt and pin it a little larger than the width of your belt and you have a sleek belt look that stays tight against the fabric keeping your belt in place! I usually put one on either side of my skirt. I have never had anyone notice they were there. 😉