When it’s nice to have a sister

Button-up shirt: from my sister | T-shirt: Shade Clothing maternity – $8  | Necklace: c/o Max and Chloe | Jeans: skinnied Levi’s Curve -$70 | Shoes: Target – gift | Total = $87
My sister sometimes buys clothes from those online Asian stores where shipping is like $50 for one item. And then they suck you in by making you add 10 more things to your cart to lower shipping to a penny. You know what I’m talking about, right? Well, sometimes those clothes are hit-or-miss. And sometimes your sister gives you the misses. And you like them. Like this sleeveless button-up shirt. I like the added stripes and the chiffon back because summer and back sweat. (TMI?)
BONUS! My favorite family picture so far. *shakes fist*

27 Weeks: Baby Mamas

black geometric necklace c/o Very JaneShade Clothing striped shirt, $16 ; Shade Clothing maternity t-shirt, $8 ; Forever 21 pants, $14 ; Target clog sandals

Not liking the harem-pant-look I’m getting from these pants.. If I hike it up any higher, Baby will protest and angrily kick all day so I had to low-ride them. Already, Baby = 1, Elaine = 0…..

I’ve been really into layering t-shirts since most of my shirts are too short. I liked seeing the looseness of the t-shirt under the shorter “fitted” shirt…though I don’t have any more “fitted” shirts…so…there’s that..

Anyway, I wore this a couple weekends ago when Chase and I met up with a reader/fellow baby mama and her adorable family. She offered to donate some clothes and toys to us!!! It was so nice to meet up with her and chat about all things baby-related, especially since she and her husband are more experienced than us! More importantly, they had a MASSAGE CHAIR. I could’ve sat there forever…
Thank you, Shelia!!
Very Jane and I are giving away the exact necklace I’m wearing here! Two winners!!

SJP from S/TC

Layering gold necklaces here made me feel like SJP from STC. Did you get those acronyms? I mean, DYGTA? I should just do this whole post that way. IDKWISHBYW. (Translation:  I don’t know why I’m smirking here but you’re welcome.) Okay, that was too hard.

I think the trick to layering gold necklaces without looking like you’re in the mob is to vary in different types of necklaces…which I didn’t do here. I used two gold necklaces of similar chain breadth so I’m either channeling SJP or this guy. You can decide! Actually, don’t. My last successful gold-necklace-layering attempt was earlier this year. I used three different necklaces of different breadths and I like that one better than whatever is going on here.. Have you guys mastered the art of gold-necklace-layering? Let’s see it!

I’m wearing gold necklaces ($30, $5), an H&M shirt ($16), secondhand Gap jeans ($9), Target clogs (gift), and vintage bag ($15).