Pantsy Pantsy

Friends, meet pants. Pants, meet friends. We’re all going to get along just fine…as soon as I find a skinny brown belt. Until then we’ll just have to make do. By we I just mean me…unless someone has an extra belt for me to borrow and never return.

I really liked this outfit today. You can tell because I wore the same shirt two days in a row. This outfit doesn’t reflect my usual style and I kind of like that. I say “kind of” because I’m not sure if this was accidental or if I really am that amazing. No… I’m pretty amazing.

The next time you’ll see my face is when my skin clears up…which is never.
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I’m wearing a thrifted Talbots blazer ($4), Love Stitch blouse ($4), Zara pants ($20), and Target clogs(gift from my in-laws) with a JCPenney bag (free with gift cards).

This outfit is like whatever

Mmm, didn’t really like this outfit. It may have to do with the fact that I had to untie my scarf-belt every time I went to the bathroom which is like every hour so it got pretty annoying fast. I’ve got to the point of just letting it hang loose. The scarf, sickos.

And just in case you wanted to know weird and random and embarrassing stuff about me… Like this blog isn’t enough.

I’m wearing secondhand Old Navy shirt (from Annie), yellow scarf (gift from Melissa), Anthropologie pants (free with gift cards), and Target clogs (gift from my in-laws).


Yesterday, Kendi posted this outfit. And today I copied her. We’re totally twins, except I’m not white. (Only on the inside.) If you didn’t know already, she has my pants. And by my pants I mean she got herself a pair from Anthropologie too. It’ll be nice to get some more ideas on how to wear these baggy-crotch-diaper-man-pants. That’s what I would have named them if I were them.

What? Didn’t you know cool people have one pant leg higher than the other? (I am implying that I am cool…and I am.)


You guys, I discovered the most amazing hair routine ever. On the first day, I did this to my hair. The second day I curled it (hurriedly). And for today, I put it in a pony. Try it. It’s fool-proof and easy! Nobody will ever know you didn’t wash your hair for three days. …Maybe one or two will notice.

I’m wearing a JCPenney trenchcoat (free with gift cards), Gap turtleneck ($19), Anthropologie pants (free with gift cards), JCPenney rhinestone necklace (free with gift cards), JCPenney cluster necklace (free with gift cards), and JCPenney heels (free with gift cards).