Hang loose…in flats

This outfit goes against my rules of not tucking and belting. It was so hard to resist but not really because it’s also really comfortable to let everything hang loose.

I’ve decided on a flats policy. It’s not because of anything remotely amazing like Kyla’s philosophy… My calves have just been so sore lately because I’ve been wearing heels a lot and I sit all day – it only makes sense. So….this is officially flats day #1. I can tell this is going to get old fast. I only have like three pairs of flats.

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I’m wearing a Gap gray sweater ($12 – buy it!), JCPenney orange necklace (free with gift cards – buy it!), Forever 21 black pleated skirt (gift from my sister-in-law), and H&M black flats ($13) with an MNG by Mango black bag (free with gift cards).

What’s that on your head?

How do you like mah hurr? I don’t really talk like that. I was inspired by Rebecca’s crown braid. I wish “inspired” meant “the same as” but it doesn’t because I’m incompetent when it comes to my hair, which is why it’s always boring straight or wavy. Anyway, she has a tutorial here. Check it out. Try not to make me feel too stupid because I can’t get it.

(Don’t look too closely at my face. You’ll see my bajillion pimples. I promise I’m 23….)
I chopped up my blue Gap dress and turned it into a new shirt because last night I realized I didn’t have any blue t-shirts. What’s wrong with me?
Now I’m off to gorge myself with all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ with Chase and my bro. I forgot to starve myself today. I guess I’ll consider that “practice”.. Not like I need it. (That’s why I’m wearing BF jeans and a loose t-shirt… That’s me…always planning ahead.)

I’m wearing a JCPenney trenchcoat (free with gift cards), Gap dress-now-shirt ($8), JCPenney orange necklace (free with gift cards – buy it!), Gap Factory boyfriend jeans ($26), and H&M black flats ($13) with a JCPenney black bag (free with gift cards).