A Most Favorite Color Scheme by Kristine

scarf from Japan; Tulle blouse; Urban Outfitters jeans ; Seychelles shoes

I love color. Every now and then, I try to do the chic dark-neutrals look…and I like how easy it is to look put together in those colors…but it just feels wrong to me. I need color in my outfit to make me feel bright and happy!
This outfit has one of my favorite color schemes in it:  purple and red. Occasionally, I go crazy with colorblocking, but I decided to separate the two colors with jeans for a more subdued look. These red heels have been with me for the past few years or so; somehow they add a fun pop of color to almost every outfit. I think every girl should have a pair of red or red-orange shoes to spice up any blah outfit! The head scarf was added for a bit of an unexpected color. I always think it’s interesting to add an element that doesn’t quite match… (But then again, sometimes I remind myself of that crazy art teacher we all probably had in elementary school…)

Smiling is my favorite (except in the last picture)

My shoes came!!!! They’re a little tight and I think I’ll have to cut a toe off but they’re so worth it. The shirt fit like a grandma shirt and I don’t have time to go to the mall to return it so I guess I’ll just throw it away.

Don’t you love that I wore blue and teal together? Chase didn’t. I think it makes my red shoes pop even more. That or my pasty Asian legs. Gotta represent.
I’m wearing a JCPenney trenchcoat (free with gift cards), Old Navy shirt ($4), Tulle skirt (c/o Tulle), JCPenney shoes (free with gift cards), and JCPenney bag (free with gift cards).