Can you guess whose tablet this really is??

Staples sent me the Samsung Galaxy Note 8″ tablet. And you bet I was allllllll over that. Chase bought a tablet a couple years ago but ended up selling it last year. I never used it much – just to read the Hunger Games like five times. But lately I’ve been seeing how babies have been interacting with technology these days like it’s another appendage. That could be a good or bad thing, but mamas.. let’s face it… It’s usually a good thing to get more than a minute to yourself, amirite? So I kindasorta regretted getting rid of ours too soon..
And then this happened.

He tooooootally loves it…especially the piano app. I mean, he is my son after all. He can play that for a whole five minutes until he clicks on an ad and almost buys a car.
But I’d say this is probably my favorite.. The pre-naptime movie. Netflix FTW! Soooo much better than hearing him crying it out for an hour. Although, he will cry to let me know the tablet fell over. And I’m like HELLO YOU HAVE HANDS.

Baby + electronics = messy and messier electronics. So I was so glad when Staples also sent me a Nordstrom gift card to spend on a tablet case! I was going to get a HOT! PINK! one, but I did my boys a favor and settled for this grey and hot! pink! Marc Jacobs one instead. SeewhatIdidthere? 🙂
Someone’s chubby little digits.. Mine. They’re my chubby little digits.

Thank you Staples!!

Warby Parker… Continued

I got my Warby Parker home try-on glasses last night. Let’s test them out together.. I probably should have brushed my hair first. Nah.. I’m going back to bed.
The Miles glasses:  My cheeks are too big for these babies.
The Finn glasses:  My cheeks are still too big.

The Madyson glasses:  My whole face is too big.

The Cailin glasses:  Too small for me. Check out the husb getting ready to rock out.
The Harper glasses:  The best out of the bunch but still feels a bit tight.

These are the glasses I have right now.
Verdict:  Warby Parker glasses are for people with slimmer faces and probably not for Asians because the temples (the pieces that keep your glasses on your ears) are also too long for me. But if you have a regular face, I say try them out.

Lipo in a Box Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

Please say hello to my newest sponsor, Lipo in a Box! I know what you’re thinking – why did this beautiful petite Korean woman agree to be sponsored by a shapewear company? Well, just so you know, Lipo in a Box isn’t just one brand…. It is really three! – Lipo in a Box, Go2 Bras, and Underology Skin Care. But that still doesn’t answer your question. Let’s just say what you see on this blog doesn’t show all my little bumps and lumps because I mask them so perfectly, you see.

Lipo in a Box have basically been featured in every way possible – QVC, Glamour Magazine, MORE, First for Women, “O” Magazine, The TODAY Show, The EARLY Show, The VIEW, and the OPRAH Winfrey Show. (Um, can someone tell me how I can get my blog on all these?!?) They are being featured in InStyle Magazine this month so watch out for that. These products have also been featured twice as New York Times best sellers by former fashion editor for Glamour Magazine, Charla Krupp, as “How Not to Look Old” and “How to Never Look Fat Again.” And come on… If you’ve been watching TV or reading magazines for the past 10 years, you know the world is trying to figure out these secrets. I’m not waiting until I start getting wrinkles and my metabolism collapses on itself. I’m preparing myself now!!

Besides all these big names and features, they also donate a percentage of profit every year to Soles4Souls, the YWCA Nashville Domestic Violence Center, and for breast cancer research. I love businesses that give back to the community.


They sent me a few of their products to review for myself:  the high waist brief with legs, tinted SPF moisturizer, and a hydrating serum.

Even if you’re petite like me, you’ll probably have a few problem areas. For me, that is my tummy. No matter what I do, I have a little pooch…even when I haven’t eaten yet. (No, I’m not pregnant.) When I put the high waist brief with legs on, the first thing I noticed was my pooch was gone!! And then I ate French toast and bacon. Right after I ate, I looked down to evaluate the aftermath. You guessed it – still no pooch!!! You know we are all supposed to hold in our abs and stomach all the time, right? Well, I don’t – I let it all loose. This shapewear just answered your problem. You’re welcome.

Sorry, no review pics for the shapewear. Trust me, you don’t wanna see me that vulnerable.

I have very sensitive and combination skin and develop allergic reactions after a year’s use so even if I think something works, I always have to watch for new products to try, just in case. A lot of moisturizers I’ve tried either don’t moisturize my face enough or they give me oily skin because it’s too severe for me. After applying the serum during my morning routine, I found that it moisturized my dry areas and controlled my oily T-zone throughout the day. This is definitely a keeper. Tinted moisturizers was something I’ve always wanted to work for me. It would be so easy just to put it on and not have to apply more foundation and concealer but my face just won’t let me. I have red splotchy areas from past acne scars, current pimples, and around my eyes and nose. It didn’t cover the bigger red areas but it did give me an even application before applying my makeup.
One lucky winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Lipo in a Box!

Each entry must be in a separate comment because I will determine the winner by giving each entry a number and use to select the winning number. I’m sorry to my international friends but only U.S. residents can enter.

Mandatory entry:

  • Go to Lipo in a Box and tell me what you’d purchase with your gift certificate and leave your email if it’s not already included in your Google profile. If you don’t do this entry first, all your entries will be deleted!
Bonus entries:
Giveaway will end August 11, 2010 midnight PST.

The winner will have 24 hours to respond to my email. If not, a new winner will be chosen and contacted.

Update: The winner is Emy.