My I-didn’t-shave-today pajamas

Chase and I had to run a few errands that day and so I rolled out of bed like this, naturally! Kidding. It was a Saturday and I wanted to be as comfortable as I could while we were checking out our NEW APARTMENT!!! We are moving this weekend!!! ..and we still need to pack. I figure since it’s three blocks away I can procrastinate as long as I can. Is that how it works?
I donned my church pajamas as Kari called them because I forgot to shave my legs. Okay! I didn’t shave them for a week…possibly two. But that’s not important. Jeans were out of the question – it was too hot…like 80 degrees! So I wore my church pajamas with denim on top! I’m still in my knot-tying phase as you can see. Don’t worry.. I only have one more button-up so you’ll have to see this at least five more times. What do you guys wear when you “forget” to shave your legs?
I’m wearing H&M sunnies ($1), thrifted Gap shirt ($4), Forever 21 necklace ($3), refashioned Forever 21 maxi skirt ($5), Walmart sandals ($10), and vintage bag ($15).

Just got out of the slammer…


I’m wearing a H&M sunglasses ($1), H&M striped shirt ($6), fringe necklace (c/o The Little Tiny), Forever 21 striped skirt ($7 – buy it!), and Fitzwell black flats ($75 – buy it!) with a vintage Gucci bucket bag ($3).

The debut of my “new” skirt! This is how I would dress if I were in prison. Fashionably and with some fringe. Oh, you like my necklace? This girl made it for me! We go waaaay back…like last year in Salt Lake City at church. I’ve been blog-stalking her ever since.. It’s not creepy because she has a cute baby. Or is it more creepy? I forget. What’s even more awesome than me being creepy is you can make your own fringe necklace!!! Check it.


Pretending to be photographers…and new clothes!!

If you didn’t know already, Chase and I went to Sacramento for the weekend for his sister’s wedding. We played photographers and took their wedding pictures…actually, Chase took their pictures and I bossed my SIL and her new husband around. I loved it.

Me and Chaserbug

Me being a bossypants
The end result
Notice anything new and different? I’M WEARING ALL NEW CLOTHES!!!! This has never happened on Clothed Much before either. I just went shopping-crazy over the weekend. Chase didn’t know who I was. Neither did I. It was fun for a little.
  1. thrifted Express white blazer, $3 — Got it for 50% off! It fits sooo perfect!!!! I threw it in the washer to get the thrift store smell out and it came out all squished and crinkly :(. I read the inside tag and it said DRY CLEAN ONLY. Then I cried :””(. Then Chase ironed it out and it looks as good as new!! I love irons!! and Chase!!
  2. JCPenney gold beaded necklace, FREE — Yes, I still have a little bit of moneys left on my gift card. My niece said it looked like a Nerds candy rope. So I bought it.
  3. MNG by Mango sunnies were also bought with the gift card. I already had these from before. You can buy them here.
  4. green tunic thing from Target, $16 — It was for my leggings.  You can buy it here.
  5. Target black leggings, $20 — It was for my tunic.  You can buy them here.
  6. Fitzwell black flats, $75 — My H&M flats were getting stinky and uncomfortable. They were only subs until I found some durable, comfy, wide ones. So far Chase doesn’t think they’re worth $75. Whatever, guy. You can buy these here.