The Best Celine Bags

Every woman deserves a piece of a luxury designer handbag from a high-end brand such as Celine. Not only can a Celine handbag make you look expensive and elegant, but it can also upgrade your outfit from zero to a hundred percent.

So you probably want to invest a few thousands of dollars on a Celine handbag but don’t know which of their designs are best to invest in. No worries! In this article, we will be sharing with you our top 10 best Celine bags to invest in 2019.

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From their designs to their peculiarities down to their lifespan, no single detail will be left out as we take you through why we think they might be worth the splurge. To find out the best Celine bags worth your investment, check our top 10 picks below:

1. Celine Mini Belt Bag

The Celine Mini Belt Bag is one of the best classic investment bags ever worth splurging on. Ever since its existence in the world of fashion and luxury, this statement bag has remained one of the most luxurious designer bags ever to stand the test of time. The Celine bag is chic, classy, and might never go out of style.

It is made of grained calfskin making it extremely durable and four metal gold feet at the bottom for surface protection. Available in black, light taupe & grey, the colors supplement the minimalist design and embodies pure elegance. It can be held with the top handle or better still hung on the shoulders with the shoulder strap, which is about 14″ long.

This stylish fashion accessory can also be an everyday go-to piece for a statement appearance only because it goes with almost every outfit you choose to wear daily. Not overly expensive, the Celine Mini Belt Bag is less pricey than other designer bags of the same size and style.


  • A top handle and shoulder strap
  • Chic and Classy
  • Less pricey


  • Cannot work as a cross body bag

2. Celine Small Big Bag

Looking for a designer bag big enough to accommodate your belongings for travel or a long busy day ahead? Look no further! The Celine Small Big Bag might be the best fit you have been looking for all this while. The designer handbag is a new design of Phoebe Philo in recent times, offers practicality and versatility at its core.

Made of supple grained calfskin, it comes with a long shoulder strap and leather handle for the best use. It makes it possible for it to be placed either on the shoulder or across the body. It also comes with an adjustable belt buckle that can be used to tighten the bag when required. The dimensions are: 9″ × 10″ × 9″ and are surprisingly lightweight and less slouchy.

The Celine Small Big Bag can mostly be found in different lovely colors and materials such as black, white, light taupe, light burgundy, and grey. It is truly exceptional and highly covetable, which is why most women love it.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable belt buckle
  • Can be worn on the shoulder and across the body


  • No metallic protection at the bottom

3. Celine Big Bucket Bag

The Celine Big Bucket Bag is one of the most iconic creations of the Celine brand. Popularly known for its peculiarities and uniqueness, this designer bag is one that makes you stand out from the crowd. It is simple yet understated providing you with the classy and luxurious feel most Celine bags bring.

This timeless piece from Celine is made from supple leather with a leather strap of 19 inches for the shoulder and a hook closure on the top. You can choose to rock it either on the shoulder or preferably as a cross body bag. It is strong and feels durable yet lightweight, making it functional for everyday use.

With no flaps or zippers, the Celine Big Bucket Bag offers ease of use at any point in time. The strap is soft and comfortable on the shoulder, and the hand leather is not scratch-prone which aids its longevity. Available in different versatile colors, this bag is definitely worth the investment.


  • Very lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Hard leather that is not scratch-prone
  • Functional for everyday use


  • No Flaps and Zippers
  • The top is pretty open
  • Non Adjustable leather strap

4. Celine Luggage Bag

If you are a fashionista and urban-chic style lover, then you probably would love the Celine Luggage Handbag. This designer handbag is an all-time masterpiece of creativity launched as far back as 2009. It’s a classic bag that never goes out of style and providing the luxury and comfort you seek.

It is made with smooth calfskin and a leather handle, it is comfortable to wear and does not dig in compared to other designer handbags of similar style and design. It comes with a removable shoulder strap and a zipper closure as well to secure the items in the bag.

As one of the must-have designer bags, it offers versatility and can be styled with multiple outfits at any season of the year. So whether you are going for dinner, shopping or to pick the kids at school, the Celine Luggage Bag might be your favorite go-to at any point in time. It comes in a wide array of colors and material combinations and is an excellent option for practicality and functionality.


  • Removable Leather Strap
  • No wear and tear
  • No sagging
  • Zip closure
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Non Adjustable leather strap 

5. Celine Trio Bag

The Celine Trio Bag is one that noticeably stands out to those who know it. Worn by celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Hailey Baldwin, Olivia Munn, and a few others, it’s no surprise that it tops our list of the best Celine bags worth your investment in 2019. This Celine bag is a hands-free bag that can be easily swung across the body, which is super lovely and flattering.

Made of smooth lambskin that is soft and supple, this Celine bag is moderately delicate and can be dressed or styled with multiple diverse outfits. It also comes with an adjustable leather strap and three zippered pouches attached by snap buttons. The zippers easily glide open with no tugging giving way for a smooth zipping that is super-fast.

The trio bag is available in different colors such as black, grey, celadon, medium grey, and burgundy, which are great colors for all seasons. These colors can also be styled with several other colored outfits for any desired occasion.


  • No Tugging
  • Easy to Style
  • Three zippered pouches
  • Smooth Lambskin


  • Pouches can be hard to unbutton.
  • Delicate Leather Strap
  • Moderately Delicate

6. Celine Box Bag

The Celine Box Bag is one of the most timeless pieces in Celine’s collection. It made its debut in 2011 but has since been returned year after year, securing its position as one the best Celine has ever created. Its minimalist design offers a truly classic and elegant feel at every season of the year matching with almost every outfit you put together.

This designer piece is made of calfskin that seldom wears or tear and is highly durable. It comes with an adjustable and removable leather strap with a metallic clasp closure inclusive. The silhouette is beautiful and gorgeous; you will instantly fall in love with these timeless pieces.

Available in colors ranging from black, anthracite, Amazone, army green, and khaki, the Celine Box Bag is a must-have designer bag that is simple and understated. The quality is worth the investment, and it is undoubtedly one of the most coveted of all the Celine bags ever released.


  • Simple but high in quality
  • Metallic Clasp Closure
  • Compartments to stay organized
  • Adjustability and removable leather strap


  • Leather is prone to scratch.
  • Not lightweight
  • Not very functional for everyday use

7. Celine Small Vertical Cabas Bag

The Celine Small Vertical Cabas Bag is an everyday bag as it fits everything you need for a day out. Structured and can stand on its own; this luxurious bag holds all daily items and is perfect for going to work, dinner, or travel. It is simple yet sophisticated and an excellent choice for every minimalist.

It is made with grained calfskin with leather handle and an adjustable shoulder strap that can be easily detached from the bag when necessary. It makes it possible for it to be worn as a cross body bag or on the shoulders as you please. It is also lightweight compared to the other similar designer bags of the same design, which makes it a better option to splurge on.

Comfortable and decorative, the Celine Small Vertical Cabas Bag is seriously covetable and incredibly practical. It is available in three distinct colors such as black, Amazone, and taupe, which are versatile and can be styled with multiple outfits. We certainly believe that this designer bag will be worth your every penny.


  • Light in weight
  • Grained Calfskin
  • Great choice for travel


  • Tends to lose shape

8. Celine Cabas Phantom Bag

If you are looking for a high-quality designer bag with excellent craftsmanship, the Celine Cabas Phantom Bag is an excellent choice for you. It is made with soft-grained calfskin leather; it is stiff enough to sit on its own and does not sag out like other designer handbags. It also comes with two leather straps that can clinch the bag, so the tops do not flop in.

Versatile enough for any occasion or purpose, especially travel, this bag is simple, elegant with an ultra-luxe feel that is rare to find. It is secure and comfortable to wear with a large zipper pocket on the inside to hold all the essentials you need for a day out. With no buckles and chips, it is far easier to serve as a go-to for travel or for work whatever the case may be.

The Celine Cabas Phantom Bag is available in colors ranging from taupe, grey, cloud, khaki, Amazone, black down to navy blue. The bag is a must-have designer worth your investment in 2019.


  • Do not sag out
  • Tops do not flop in
  • Light in weight


  • A bit large for daily use

9. Celine Seau Sangle Shoulder Bag

The Celine Seau Sangle Shoulder Bag is a keeper for anyone looking out for a Celine bag to rock this 2019. It is flattering and can serve as a work bag due to its large space capacity and durability. It is made of soft-grained calfskin and a removable wool shoulder strap with an inner hook closure.

With four flat pockets on the outside, it is highly functional and practical for everyday use. So if you need a working designer bag, consider this Celine Seau Sangle Shoulder Bag as it perfectly fits a laptop and can serve as a daily bag. It also comes in a variety of colors, so you get to choose the one that suits your style perfectly.

It does not wear off so quickly and can serve you for years without going out of style. As one of Celine’s most iconic pieces, we have no doubt it might be the best luxury bag to add to your closet.


  • Removable Wool Shoulder Strap
  • Large Space Capacity


  • Unsecured Hook Clasp
  • Too deep and cavernous
  • Wears off on the inside

10. Celine Tie-Tote Bag

Do you want a statement bag that is simultaneously seasonless and classic? The Celine Tie-Tote bag might be the right match for you. Similar to the Phantom luggage tote, this Celine bag is highly covetable, and a must-have designer bag worth every penny.

Available in solid and bi-color style, this timeless piece comes with expandable side wings alongside a small buckle and belt to adjust the shape. It is an epitome of simplicity and great for both informal and formal occasions at any season of the year. With tie below the handles, it is comfortable to wear and does not change its shape as long as it’s properly taken care of.

The Celine Tie-Tote Bag is definitely worth a try, and we recommend it as one of the best Celine bags you will never regret splurging on. It is available in a variety of colors that match almost every outfit you put together regularly.


  • Expandable Side Wings
  • Bi-color Style
  • Does not change its shape
  • Classy and luxurious
  • Highly Durable
  • Simple and understated


  • Prone to wear and tear
  • Moderately Delicate

What to Look Out for When Buying A Celine Bag

Before making a selection of your favorite Celine designer bag, your significant considerations should be the best match for your style, comfort, and use. To guarantee a safe and worthwhile investment, bear in mind the following factors so you can make a good purchase.

Material Used

First and foremost, keep in mind that each Celine bags are made of unique and high-quality leather material. However, certain types of leather material do better and last longer than some others. Most of the materials used for Celine bags range from calfskin, lambskin, to goatskin. The above materials are all high in quality and can last over a long period.

The calfskin is associated with softness and suppleness, which places it on the moderately delicate zone. So if you are carefree with your pieces, then you may find it challenging to maintain over some time. If on the other hand, you are meticulous and cautious of the way you treat your favorite pieces, then the calfskin material will last better under your care.

The lambskin is an excellent choice of leather material that can withstand a few scratches and still look relatively new. It is best to choose a Celine bag made of lambskin if you fall into the category of carefree users. The goatskin as well is reliable and highly durable. Even after a few months of use, it still comes out looking relatively new and sturdy. Choose a Celine bag with material that suits your personality well, and you will be happy with your purchase.


It all depends on your style and everyday look. All Celine bags come with uniqueness and peculiarities that differentiate one from another. Some women love a minimalist, simple and timeless piece such as the three foundational bag collections designed by Phoebe Philo. Others prefer a design that is chic and classy, with an urban feel of high fashion style and luxury.

Determine which of the styles suits your style and go for it. It is tricky to want to follow trends and go for the latest collection you spotted on fashion bloggers or Instagram models. If it does not appeal to your style and personality, it is best to choose a better option that meets all your desired criteria.

Over the years, Celine has not failed in exceeding our expectations with classic pieces that suit all personalities. If you are more on the minimalist side, we recommend you go for one of Phoebe Philo’s three foundational bag lines. If you are not a minimalist, you can go for other bag pieces that are more trendy and colorful to suit your style and everyday look.


 We all know that most Celine collections launched over the years come with various sizes to choose from. From the micro to the maxi down to the nano, these sizes are peculiar to each woman’s need. To determine which size to go for, it all boils down to the purpose behind making the purchase and the use of the bag.

If you need a Celine bag to fit in all your office essentials, we recommend you go for a maxi Celine bag with the style you choose. You want a size that is incredibly practical yet comfortable to wear for a long day at work. Most of Celine’s Maxi-sized bags can fit a laptop with ample enough space for daily use.

You can opt for the micro if you want a practical and less slouchy bag that can suit your everyday use; they are light in weight and can be easily carried around wearing your official dress code. For the nano, on the other hand, it is best chosen when you need a Celine bag to go with your date night outfits or evenings with your friends. They are easy to carry about and will fit the small items you need to carry.


Another factor to consider is the color of the Celine bag you are going for. Celine never slouches in delivering the best variety of colors that suit all seasons when creating their pieces. From Taupe to grey, cloud, Amazone, black, navy blue, army green, anthracite, khaki, and a few others, they leave you with the best colors to choose from.

For the minimalist, it is better to go for the neutral and soft tones to complete your style and appearance. For the non-minimalists, we recommend you go for the brighter shades to suit your style and personality. Those shades are more fun, livelier and can set you up for a great mood all through the day.

You might also want to consider getting your Celine bags in colors that suit each season of the year. It is so you have multiple options that go with your outfits throughout the year. Some colors, however, suit all seasons so you might opt for them if you are getting only one Celine bag piece. Such colors range from tape to army green, black, navy blue down to neutral shades and a few others.


As we all know, the Celine brand is associated with luxury, which makes it fall into the high-end purchases. Their prices vary from one to another, but they all cost a few hundreds of dollars. Considering the quality and make of each of their collections, we believe every piece listed above is worth the splurge. Celine bags are luxurious products capable of withstanding the test of time without going out of fashion, so you can use them for a few years.

As much as Celine bags are pricey and high end, some of their pieces are less pricey than the others. For example, the Celine Mini Belt is not overly expensive when compared to other bag pieces on the list. So ensure that you have a budget and you stick to your budget while shopping.

Due to the highly covetable nature of most Celine bags, you might be tempted to go overboard with your spending but ensure that you weigh your options so you can make the best decision while shopping. If on the other hand, you have more than enough to spend on your favorite piece, consider doing just that because it is going to be worth your every penny.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How you tell an authentic Celine bag?

A: To ensure that you purchased the original Celine bag, the first thing to do is to check for the stitches on the bag carefully. If after checking you notice any poking stitches or uneven lines, then be assured it might be a fake. Also, take note any zig-zagged stitches in the pocket area as there should not be any of such on a real Celine bag.

The second thing to look out for is the logo of the Celine brand. Ensure that the color of the Celine logo matches that of the hardware and zipper. The inside stamp should display “Celine Made In Italy” while the outside stamp should display “CELINE PARIS.” Anything otherwise is undoubtedly not the authentic Celine bag.

Also, take note of the zipper and ensure that it has just one-digit number visible in front of the zipper slider. You might also want to look for other things like where you are making your purchase from, seeing screws on the shoulder strap and so on. You do not want to spend that much money on an item that turns out to be fake, so ensure that you take your time to make the right purchase.

Q: Do all Celine bags have a serial number?

A: All Celine bags do not have serial numbers. What a Celine bag has is a date code which you can locate in the interior part of the bag. You can search for the code by finding an embossed tag or part of the lining letters and numbers featured to determine where and when the Celine bag was created.

Multiple bags can have the same and exact date code but not serial numbers; this is because the embossed tags are not unique and can be repeated. To read a Celine date code, follow the format below:

  • One letter
  • Two letters
  • Four numbers
  • A dash

The first three letters depict where the factory that manufactured the Celine bag is located while the last four numbers will let you know the date the Celine bag was created. This way, you get to read a Celine date code yourself.

There are various ways the date code is represented year after year by Celine. It could be embossed directly on the lining or could be printed on a leather tag.

Q: How do I care for a Celine bag?

A: You can care for your Celine bag by keeping it in a closet or a storage box. It is to ensure that it holds its shape and does not wear off at any point in time. Stuffing the interior of the bag can also help retain its ability to stand on its own. You can also use any leather conditioner or water-repellent spray to ensure that the leather does not lose its quality and still looks good as new.

 You also have to care for your Celine bag by watching out for any possible damage or scratch. Leathers are prone to scratch or wear so ensure that you use them with extreme care and avoid sharp edges as well. A cosmetic pouch would also do well to be carried along with you to ensure that your makeup items do not spill over the interior of the bag. Any cosmetic spillage is bound to stain your bag lining, so it is not compulsory you come along with your cosmetic pouch.

Lastly, avoid any water contact with your bag and make sure it is kept in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Q: Are Celine bags worth the money?

A: Yes, Celine is definitely worth the investment and is a brand you may choose to invest in 2019. Why do we think so? First and foremost, we believe the Celine brand is associated and known for high-quality luxury items that can stand the test of time. They create and launch one of the most classic and timeless piece history has ever known.

We also accord them for the attention to details on every piece of item on their various collections. Both the interior and exterior of the Celine bags are made with excellent craftsmanship worth every penny. We also love that Celine bags are classy and comfortable to pull off with almost every outfit at any season of the year. Their designs are specially made to suit all styles and occasions that you would not mind splurging your money on the bags.

Notice that all Celine bags do not come with overly bold and glaring logos that reflect on their piece miles away. They lean more on the minimalist side, which embodies pure elegance and class. So if you are a minimalist or a woman of class, Celine bags are certainly worth your money.

In conclusion; if you are a woman who loves fashion and luxury living, but you are a minimalist, you should consider adding bags from the Celine brand to your bag collections. Celine bags satisfy your minimalist lifestyle without compromising on quality and class.

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